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The best remedy for panic attacks and depression is EFT( emotional freedom tecqnique)
Also TAT therapy which you can google it to find out more about it and how i learned was by my Therapist, Now let me tell you my story...I suffered panic attacks and depression for 10 years and thought i was going to die from this, tried Xanax and that lead into an addiction, tried many antidepreesants and thousands and thousands of hospital bills later i became house bound and couldnt leave my house..I just couldnt take it anymore and one morning i dropped down on my knees and cried out to God telling him id rather be dead than living this hell and if he really existed that he better show up..well he did! For some reason i thought to myself i wasnt born with anxiety or depression so therefore this has to be reversable and sure enough i was lead into the internet reasearching for natural ways and i came across all these tehcniques and i found the only therapist that practiced this, so my husband drove me there because i couldnt drive bymyself and well she started the therapy and i thought to myself..yea and this is going to make me feel better..well when we finished i felt FREE and ALIVE and i LOVED myself, and i just cried of joy because that was it..Next day i was driving, i left my house, went to mall and NEVER suffered another anxiety since..its been six years now and i dont even remember what a panic attack is..PLEASE, PLEASE try it people i have helped many through this with EFT and TAT therapy if you want to learn how its done just go to UTUBE for tutorials and begin to live how you were meant to live FREEDOM! Or find a therapist that practices all these awesome therapies! Good Luck!

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Try blending bnnaaa, a can of coconut oil, an avocado, a tablespoon of olive oil, and a tablespoon of honey.Pour it in to an ice cube tray and freeze. You can thaw and use them as neeeded. =]I use this weekly. It works great! Hope this helps! =]This is what they call a 2 + 1 in salons. (My mom's a hairdresser)

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