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Floppy ear syndrome.

Whisky/vodka in the ear daily will sterilize the ear in a four days. It will sting till infection is gone. Rubbing alcohol stings more.

Pets usually lay down with the worst ear up. Great time to apply. I wet a tissue then squeeze over the ear.

You could try it on yourself. Lots of things thrive in our ears so you can witness less stinging each day.

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I always used half and half hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol. The peroxide kill the infection and the alcohol dries the ear out. But lot os time more often there is a food allergy going on...yes food allergy. Dogs who have this allergy usually happen in their paws...(licking constantly) the ears (if not mites) and sometimes on the fur called wet spots. And for heaven sakes if you find a wet spot (looks like the fur in a circle is wet) spray it with a steriod for dogs. You have to first cut away the wet fur, shave it. and be sure to cut the fur maybe an inch around the wet spot. I had a lab that suffered for years with ear infections. He hated the medication due to the fact I am sure it stung like heck. Anyway a vet said “Lets try a different dog food with an explaination. I can’t remember what we tried but I can find out if you are interested.


What u mean pour it in the ear


Yes , you pour it in the ear. Fill the ear canal. Fido won't like it. Try it on yourself to see why.


I've noticed that , with myself , it only stings the first multiday treatment. I do this yearly for itchy ears and don't have floppy ear syndrome. Starting with an antibiotic the first treatment would get most , not all , of the infection without stinging. Booze will kill the rest. then it's extremely humane the following years (no stinging). It's a hot and humid jungle in there.

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