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i had a very sore abscess for 2 weeks, it got worse at night, i could never get to sleep and when i did everyone else was getting up, it was driving me mad i've tried a fair amount of these home remedies, but the truth is, none off them really work, maybe for a while but it will always come back believe me, i used to get them all the time, best thing to do is get 500mg amoxicillin take 3 times a day for a weeks course, will start to feel relief inside the 2/3rd day, but take for the week and will clear up completely! good luck!

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S. H.

Abscesses will not clear up 100% with antibiotics or topical treatments unfortunately. They always come back unless they are drained. It is highly recommended that you have a Dr. drain it. But if you do not have insurance and opt to have it done at home it's very important to sterilize the area and the utensil and after draining it you must keep it clean and change the dressing daily. Healing can take up to 3 weeks. Use iodine, alcohol, and non stick gauze pads and after hands are washed the person who drains it must wear gloves to prevent further infection. All abscesses contain a head that, if not removed, will come back. Good luck

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