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I purchased 'Tag Away' from Walgreens one week ago today(4/12/13). I started using it on 4/15/13, and as of today 4/19/13 three of my skin tags have fallen off... I highly recommend this product, It really worked for me.

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I'm glad it worked for you. I applied the awful smelling liquid diligently three times a day for over four weeks with no results at all. I would highly suggest find something other than Tag-A-Away.


tag away dont work.who do u think has time to apply 3 times a day for 8 weeks.they dont tell u that before u buy it.I paid 30 dollars.down the drain


I have come to the end of my second bottle, applying twice a day, and still have all my skin tags(at least 2 months, probably longer). Stuff sucks.


This is a snake oil sales product if I have ever seen one. Tag away has absolutely no effect. These folks are hauling down $25. for a half ounce. There are more than a few mansions being built on this scam


I'm on the second bottle-no results, except the skin around the tags itches. Hard to just get the tags.


I have tried tag away and it DOES NOT work. It's a scam.


I have been using it for 5 weeks now, 3 times a day and nothing is happening and it smells so bad


Yes tag away is a scam 30$ for nothing!!!

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