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I’ve been having RLS for years now. I’ve done quite a bit of research looking for ways to alleviate this condition. I eliminated coffee from my diet, stopped eating processed food (and glad that I did), put soap under my bed sheets , ate spoonfuls of mustard before bed and did lots of other things I’ve heard of or read about, but nothing seemed to be helping. Then, I came across this recipe in one of the books on Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicine). The recipe was for insomnia, which of course, I suffered from due to my RLS. So, I gave it a try with immediate results. I’ve been using this recipe for about 2 months now and I’m pleased to say, I’ve had the best sleep in years. So, give it a try and just maybe it will help you too.
So, take a cup of milk, heat it in a small pan, add 2 generous pinches of unsulfured coconut flakes (can be found in any health food store), 2 large pinches of almond flour (again, any health food store will have it), 10-15 crushed cardamom seeds (most of the grocery stores have them in their spice section) and honey to taste. Once the milk is hot, pour the mixture in a cup and enjoy. It’s the best tasting medicine I’ve ever had. You can also add a couple of chopped unsulfured dates. But it works just fine without dates, as I discovered once, when I ran out of dates.

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Thank you for sharing what worked for you, I'm excited to try it! Does the type of milk (skim, 2%, etc.) matter in this recipe?


No, it doesn't matter which milk you use. I tried 2% and whole. both worked well for me. drink it right before going to bed (well, then brush you teeth) and enjoy!


I can't drink regular milk. Can I use almond milk or coconut milk instead?


I'm not sure about that, sorry. dosn't hurt to give it a try though.


I think that when you heat milk it releases a chemical that is soothing, makes u sleepy like turkey does. Replacing it with almond or coconut milk, it wld prob help cos the other herbs in it but may not make you as sleepy. Let us know if it does help you.


This is a great remedy. It's super good for you, and the reason it helps with RLS is that it's loaded with magnesium. You should be commended for finding such a fantastic solution to your problem.


Will agave nectar work? Is it for sweetness or for actual medicinal needs? I know it's better on the glycemic index than honey.


Any idea how much grounded Cardamom is 10-15 seeds? I don't have a grinder so I got it already ground.

I hope this works! I'm so tired of the side effects of Mirapex! Thanks!


I am not having any effect from this formula(: this is my first night. No RLS tonight but, plagued with insomnia. I could not find the Cardamom seeds but just the crushed and I wonder if this makes a difference. I just tried to guess at that amount. I used raw milk and feel that should not make a difference.

I am happy that it is working for you.

I am going to try it for awhile to see if there is improvement.

Thanks for sharing


I know this thread is old but my mom has been using your recipe for 2 years now and has not had restless leg since. Thank you so very much!!

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