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I'm 59+ and have suffered from RLS for most of my life. suffered auto rides with legs acting up, many unpleasant times. I describe RLS as a feeling of legs wanting to stretch, just like many people do when they get up from sleep. Some of the things that I had discovered: triggers: sugars, both white and fruits, being tired (never ending circle as having RLS makes you loose sleep) not eating a balanced diet on a regular basis (eating just one bad meal, doesn't bring it on and eating just one good meal doesn't stop it either)Cures/treatments: regular good balanced meals, in 1995 I was taking a nutritional supplement called reliv, I took it faithfully for about three or four months; I began to have an abundance of energy and noticed that the RLS had stopped and or greatly deminished (sometimes I would feel like it was starting to come on, but if I went to sleep, it never came on full bore) another treatment I have tried that seems to help a little is standing against a wall with my feet away from the wall, then I let the angle and weight slowly stretch the muscles in my legs. (this takes several minutes to do properly) If at home, I also take HOT baths that cause the muscles to relax. I used to do a lot of riding in vans to work jobs and found that if I got into really good conversations with people, the RLS would not kick in. My case is so bad that I feel it sometimes in my arms and hands as well as my legs. Yet I have very little problem going to sleep, although it many times does wake me before I'm ready to quit sleeping. I recently discovered that eating fresh bell peppers seems to lessen/stop symptoms. This works rather quickly, so if it's going to help you, you will most likely see results fast. Final word, if I had the financial resources, I would get the reliv and start taking it on a regular basis.

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Hi, after reading your comment, I tried to look up Reliv and found that they have many different products. Could you please tell me which one is the one you were using?? I would like to try it. Lately my RLS is worse than ever. Thank you in Advance,


My wife is a distributer for Reliv and I think the one she was probably taking and what my wife suggest is called Provantage. If you would like to find out more you can email her at


Hi, could you please specify which of the Reliv formulas were you taking? Many thanks!

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