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I was diagnosed with eczema several years ago and was prescribed a RX steroid cream (desonide) but was told that long term use can cause thinning of the skin and other problems. I mostly get in on my neck and cheeks and sometimes between my fingers. I noticed that when I didn't let my skin dry out the flare ups weren't that bad. I found a really thick face cream that I use when I get out of the shower that really helps my skin from drying out. It is kind of expensive but since it is so thick a little goes a long way. A small jar of it literally lasts me a year but I only use it once a day and only on my face and neck (a pea sized amount will work). I thought I would share this since I have tried a million different types of moisturizers and face creams and finally found one that keeps my skin from drying out i.e. flaring up. (the smell isn't great - smells kind of like baby powder but there are worse things I guess :)
It is called l'occitane shea butter ultra rich face cream. I buy mine at Sephora but you can order it online if you don't have a store near you.

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