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Alright I know you've heard it all before I was fed up of trying everything and nothing working. I tried everything under the sun but nothing worked. So I decided to use what I already know about acne and make a face mask as a bit of a desperate attempt to get rid of it as being at school and having acne go really badly together, but it worked an absolute miracle, like a gift from God my acne which was quite bad went completely in 3 days. Follow this carefully and this should work for you too:

-1 egg yolk
-3 teaspoons of honey
-3 teaspoons of lemon juice
-1 teaspoon of sugar
-1 teaspoon of salt
-1 teaspoon of olive oil

Put that on and leave it between 10 and 15 minutes depending on how much time you have then wash it off with hot water (as hot as you can take it) then when you've done that use egg white and honey on and leave that for about 10 minutes then wash off with cold water (as cold as you can take it)

I got good results almost instantly and after 3 days it was completely gone so decided to share it with you guys.

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After you first did this, do you mean you repeated it three times and saw your acne had completely gone? or that you did it once and saw that it went in three days?



guys dnt try ds pathetic pack at all...!! i tried it..n before applyng it i had breakouts only on my forehead n d vry nxt day i had dm all ovr my on antibiotics nw :-(:'( ;-) :'(


i read some of these comments and everyone is different so just because it made your face worse doesn't mean you should tell EVERYONE not to use it just say hey i used it and it made my face worse and in all reality my acne was infected so im on antibiotics again everyone is different and has different skin types
And to the so called Christian if you were attending a REAL christian church you wouldn't be fined because no one called that number you sound rediculous lol wow ppl are crazy now a days
To whomever posted this thank you for taking the time out of your day to share this info I'll give it a try...I honestly think i have an infection I've always had zits but these are the worst ive ever seen I'm 23 & there's like a straight line going down my cheek to my chin hmmm =((


Oh my bob, with all the sugar and honey it sounds like a snack lol. but I tried it and it worked. I left the oily stuff out though and it worked awesome!:3 thanks!


Potato! which oily stuff ?


What are the steps? I thought I needed an egg yolk?


LMAO I called that Christian lady's number, she answered the phone and she was like 'HULLO.......HULLO...........


Some one please tell me the brand of salt you used ! please i really must know . and if your looking for other ways for acne , try the DIY Effective Acne Treatment by AndreasChoice on Youtube . DONT USE TABLE SALT USE SEA SALT FOR THAT VIDEO . and please specify the brand of salt you ALL use please

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