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First, I know this will sound superstitious, foolish and or from the mouth of a gullable, naive, ignorant person but as I know it has worked for me and my brother several times and as this won't be any risk for you to try... I will venture to put it out there for you (knowing you don't know who I am) but hey...hopefully, when it works, you won't be laughing... Use a 10k or better gold ring and rub it on your sty, as much as possible. It will stop growing and start to heal. You can use a 'hot as possible' face cloth to place over the eye. If you can lift up your eye lid you will see a white lump that will offer the place where the sty will drain. Use the semi-hot cloth as often as possible. Use one technique or the other to find which one works for you. You'll probably try both in which case the gold ring technique cannot be proven but I didn't usually use the semi-hot cloth technique, the gold ring was the only one I new for most of my life and it does work. Your call....

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Hi, I have used a gold ring my entire life as soon as i feel a bit of pain when i blink. I have never had a sty because i always use this method. I know it works 100% but you have to do it in the early stages.


I tried this just the other day, as it was causing some discomfort, and the stye was coming to a head. I tried the gold ring remedy and I was pain free the next day, and the stye had almost disappeared! Fascinated as to why this works


Works everytime for me! I know others that have used this like a charm. But I do believe it has to be used in the early stages.


This one definitely works. A remedy championed by my mother since I was young. I just dont have a gold ring!


I think this method works because as you continuously rub the gold ring, it generates heat. It's just like the hot compress idea. What do you think?


My father taught me about the 'ring' remedy and it totally works. We always rub the ring back and forth very fast (on a pair of jeans) and it will heat the ring up and then you can place it on the stye, or on the sore area. It has worked 100% of the time!! It does sound crazy, but has always worked for me.


I keep hearing this gold ring remedy, and I always thought is was quite the load. But at this point I'm willing to try ANYTHING once. My son has two styes. One has mostly gone down and is now just a small red dot, the other is fresh. The poor kid is in pain and I dont know what else to do. I've been putting the medicine I received for the first stye into the new one. A new tube of it of course, but it goesn't seem to be working yet. Would white gold work just the same as yellow? Or does it matter?


Does it matter if its white or yellow gold?


I had a really bad sty and decided to try the gold ring. It worked amazingly!!! The swelling went down almost right away and the discomfort is gone. I didn't really think it would work but it did!


Would white gold work?

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