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One teaspoon yellow mustard and a shot of milk im pregnant it WORKS!

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I Tried the pea sized Colgate 1st and it helped for about 30 minutes and then it started coming back. So I did it again with a little more. About 45 minutes later, it was back again. So I decided to try the warm milk and honey. It's been almost an hour and no recurrence. I'm going to bed..........thank you!


I am 7 months pregnant and woke up with terrible heartburn. Read a lot of posts and decided to try this one. So far so good. The mustard taste is awful, but the milk takes the taste away and instantly cools everything down. Thanks for the post.


I am pregnant as well 5 months already went through 2 bottles of tums. Trying this hope it works thanks


All day i have this heart burn. Thx its starting to calm down n its doing it really fast.

in such pain

Ow ow ow!!!
took quarter teaspoon of mustard (couldnt bare any more - yuck!) and a few sips of milk. It has stopped me want to jump out of the window with the pain of heatburn but it hasn't gone yet. Tums are not touching it at all. Oh no, it's back! Trying toothpaste now...


im six months pregnant and have tried everything. just tried the must and milk so.far so.good. thankyou.


At 3 am, with no medicine for relief and pain that radiated up and down then into my back, I desperately searched on-line for a home remedy. I found this site--I tried the TSP of MUSTARD--it worked immediately. Then, I slept on my left side and finally found some sleep! Thank goodness for this site--THANK YOU


I don't know about anyone else, but I tried this today and not only did it not do a THING for my heartburn, but it made it worse. Not happy.


I'm 7 months pregnant and I just tried the mustard remedy. I must say that mustard is sooo unbearable but just waiting on the results to see if it actually works. Thanks for the remedy. If it works I will keep trying this, NO MORE TUMS FOR ME!!!


I've had heartburn all day and i tried taking pepto,tums,and zantac and nothing was working. I decided to look up some home remedies and found one that said to try mustard. My mother told me that she does this and I also thought she was crazy. I decided to try it. i figured if it didnt work i finally could say i tried it and it didnt work but it DID work!!now first thing in the morning i have to call my mother and tell her she was right.

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