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Hey everyone! So unfortunately the clove oil has lost its tune for me :( my body tends to adjust to things quite easily.. and not only that, i have a sinus infection!!! The infection makes the pain spread and by 5:30am I was in horrible pain!! aLuckily I have a roomate who gets sinuses and allergies so he always has over the counter meds in the bathroom! It doesnt matter what kind they are as long as they will relieve the SINUS PRESSURE<---very important! I took two pilld and feel soooo much better!!! Not 100% but much better. As I have stated in my previous post.. I am getting ready to move and still have a knee injury which prevents me from sitting comfortably in a dentists chair. That was stated a few months ago but for personal reasons Ive had to stay longer. Now, I kinda made up a pricedure for this remedy including things I have already stated.
Step One: brush teeth thoroughly
Step Two: 50/50 peroxide and water rinse DO NOT SWALLOW!!!!!
Step Three: Try clove oil. Put a small amount on a qtip or cotton ball and hold to affected tooth or teeth or bite down if possible. Spit out excess oil.
Step Four: Use an over the counter allergy/sinus medication. This will relieve pain in tooth and.sinuses. DO NOT USE PERSCRIPTION MEDICATION UNLESS IT IS YOUT OWN!!!!! THIS COULD BE DANGEROUS!!!!!!
I really hope this helps some one and remember, clove oil can be found in your local grocery store along with other cooking oils!!!! :) get well soon everyone!!!

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i did as you said and it worked!!!! the puss came pouring out. instantly relief!!!:-)

Ed Bratt

Just about Any prescription drug can kill you, whether it is you prescription or not. Listen to the ads on tv giving 'side efects', and sometimes they even say 'death' as one of those 'side effects' Over 300,000 deaths are caused by 'properly taken drugs', and that does not include people who take them 'improperly' along with other drus or alcohol, or over dose.

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