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Ear wax is the best remedy for fever blisters or cold sores. If you can catch it at the first sign of it using ear wax will keep it from forming. I have suffered from fb and cs my whole adult life. I have bought every over the counter ointment and nothing has ever worked. Good Luck, lmk if you try the earwax and the outcome

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I'm 15 the other day I had a really bad fever woke up with a really bad fever blister and I have tried every thing and nothing is working


i have totally tried the ear wax and it does work. I have told everyone that i know to use it, and they all think it is gross. I know it is gross but it helps me. I have tried everything and this is about the only things that works for me.I do have some medicine the doc has gave me, but it doesn't work to well.


I'm sorry, but how and why did you try ear wax in the first place....?


Oh yea....ear wax us the old school remedy...been doing it all my fever blister


Sounds gross, but it works great! Why pay for otc remedies when your body naturally produces one. Just avoid licking your lips :-)


Ear wax is the true answer Ive been using this trick for yaers and the only problem is the I clean my ears good and theres never enough...Lol
past down from my grand mother!


Yes, ear wax (besides over the counter medication) has been my only reliable treatment. I have also seen a reduction in my th, last one was 1 1/2 years, prior to this I would get 2-3 per year.


LOL That's funny! How on earth do you get enough ear wax? I clean my ears everyday and I rarely see wax come out. Thanks though!

Pretty Kay

It works but I'm out of wax and my mother doesnt wana give me hers


Pretty Kay, you cracked me up hard!!! I've got tears running down my face, you're too funny! Your mom won't give you her earwax!! LOL

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