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The answer and only answer to dandruff is to REMOVE THE CAUSE OF IT not just keep having to get it out of your hair and as much off your scalp as possible. Remove the fungus that is killing your scalp's skin cells. Use Nizoral shampoo. It's about $13 cad for a small bottle here but you only need to use it every now and then and it's good for 10- 30 treatments; depending on hair length, personally with long hair I just focus on covering my scalp not the full length of my hair. At the canadian website you can get a decent coupon and some free samples to try. Hope it hold true for the US to. You'll be convinced after using. Use your other favorite shampoo/conditioner for quite along time in between occasional treatments. You won't need luck on this one and you won't be chasing flakes anymore!

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nizoral does work great. i used to have horrible dandruff, but this shampoo stopped all of the itch.


Nizoral really does work. I used to have bad dandruff and i tried Nizoral and now there is no more problems with dandruff!!!


I've tried Nizoral, and all it did was make the flakes bigger.


Nizoral worked for me for about 6 months then lost it's effectivity. I think using it as little as possible will prolong its usefullness.


I've been using nizerol for about 4 years now. it works alright. i still get dandruff, just not as bad as i used to (i couldn't even wear anything darker than yellow, very pale pastel blue, or pastel pink for years before i used nizerol.) i think hair type might have something to do with the effectiveness of the product.


I tried it, but it made no difference. I guess it's different for everybody!

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