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Raisin Bran and a couple glasses of Orange juice and Grape juice seemed to do the trick for me. Thankfully!! I had actually went to the ER about 3 weeks ago for what I thought was a heart attack and was 'diagnosed' with Pleurisy and Costochondritis. Now I believe after reading on many sites that GAS can and will cause you to feel like you could be having a heart attack THAT is what I was experiencing. Since i FINALLY got that crap out of my system(pun intended), my chest no longer hurts at all. My stomach no longer hurts at all. And I ended up using a mixture of things I found on this site. I ate about 2 bowls of Raisin Bran and drank 2 glasses of OJ and then 2 glasses of Grape Juice. And NOW i couldn't feel better and I actually like those things so I didn't have any horrible tastes to deal with. So IF you are constipated as bad as I was. Try those 3 things and you should be good to go, literally. :)

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