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Hi ladies,
I'm a 19 year old female. I have had on-and-off vaginal irritation + 'gooey' discharge for as long as I can remember... at least a couple of years back. I went to the gyno for the first time about a month ago, and she told me NOTHING WAS WRONG. She tested me for a yeast infection, BV, and a few STDs (though I was still a virgin) and everything came back negative.

I tried to ignore it, but knew something was still wrong as I was still having flare-ups and the itching can be unbearable. I got married about a week ago -- everything felt fine down there, so we (foolishly) gave it a go. We were fine to have sex for a few days before all hell broke loose.

My husband thought we should try treating it as a yeast infection anyway, so I bought Monistat 3 and prayed it would work. No dice. It relieved me temporarily, but as soon as the medicine was gone, it was back with a fiery vengeance, and THIS TIME I have a 'cheesy' white discharge. I've tried drinking baking soda every morning for a few days, and eating some greek yogurt, but to no avail.

Given my previous experience, I don't consider another trip to the doctor an option. I'd like to try treating this naturally... but I don't know for sure what it is! If it's BV, I will gladly try some of the remedies found on this site (vitamin c, d3, baking soda, greek yogurt etc).

I do have one concern... a lot of women here are suggesting douching with 1-2 hydrogen peroxide - water, then again with apple cider vinegar. I'm pretty nervous about douching, having never done it before, and because I've heard it can push the infection into your ovaries, causing PID. Is this true, and if so, what other way can I successfully treat this awful irritation?

Much thanks to anyone who can offer advice.

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i have the same problems and have had it for years . it goes away when i am about to start my period and then comes right back after it . oddly enough with my cycle being off its the only way i know its about to come . my doctor said it could be that i eat a lot of red meat . or that i need to drink more cranberry juice or yogurt also try cottage cheese .


i have BV and have had it for a very LONG time, and every time i go to the doctors they prescribe me meds but I've recently found that PLAIN yogurt works VERY well! is has to be plain though. you eat 10 oz (or 20 table spoons) once a week. i normally eat all 10 oz at once. it is very discussing mind you but really works!i also eat mine on the same day so i wont forget and also so the BV doesn't come back.


Are you having enough orgasms? - I know that sounds strange to say, but it's true. It will keep things naturally moisturized and balanced down there.


First of all, as sound as it sounds, for me whet helps the most is to NOT be wet down there. When having sex of course, but trough the day I find the uncomfort to be bigger if it's wet. So at all times, I put a piece of paper, clean, nonscented paper between my labia. Not like a pad, but directly where the discarge comes out. This is an enormous relief. I can feel when to excange it, every two hours or so or when i go pee. another thing is to take garlic powder or capsules. It helps SO MUCH. you can also try putting a clove of garlic in your vagina (google garlic tampon) for instant relief, but capsules work better in a long run. Also please, do try vinegar douche, it burns at first but helps later on, you can also try adding some vinegar to your bath and sit in it. You can also try adding a few drops of tea tree oil to you bath, but this causes me to bleed (period?). Also i've heard girls saying that coconut oild mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil works wonders. And the last thing, use aloe vera!!! when you feel the burning and itching, just apply it to the area, just try to avoid actual inside of vagina. spread your legs and let it air dry. I hope this helps :)


Try going gluten free for a few weeks and see what happens. You might want to have allergy tests done. You might be allergic to something that is causing your body to react. Just a suggestion. Hope you can find some relief.


For starters to Dr. Dean Adell, what if she has tried washing it and tried keeping it clean? Have you ever thought of that? Maybe it's something more?
Look I'm having similar issues except I'm more sure mine is a yeast infection with a bit more irritation and I've washed it repeatedly, tried keeping clean as in changing my underwear every day sometimes even twice a day and I'm still looking for an answer, hope you find yours soon

Jenny, RN, BSN, CEN, FNE

Ladies (and idiot 'Dr' Dean),

Over-washing can worsent the problem! Below is post I wrote in BV forum:

Soaking a tampon in STRAIGHT ACV sounds HORRIBLE! I definitely would dilute it, or skip it altogether!. I use the stuff on my hair and it really is magic, though, in general. Try using a Solo cup and filling the vinegar just to the first little line and then the rest with warm water before soaking your tampon or douching (I really do believe it is best NOT to douche at all, though, as you can actually push the bad bugs up through your cervix and into your uterus- this is what PID is). Try a sitx bath instead (couple inches of warm water in the tub with 1/2 cup ACV).Your skin will be soft, too!

Coconut oil is ALSO absolute magic, y'all. Just like the hot sauce commercial, I put that sh*t on EVERYTHING! I even feed it to my dog. Seriously, MAGIC. roll a tampon it it, use it as lube, soften up your frizzy hair-EVERYWHERE.Do it. Do it NOW! I stock up at Trader Joe's. a jar is about $6 and lasts a long time.
**If you are actively suffering from BV use CLEAN HANDS or a clean spoon everytime! Don't contaminate the whole jar with your bad bugs!!**
Also, buy the good stuff (unrefined, unbleached, organic). It smells nice :) You'll thank me!

Probiotics, like everything else that our body likes, work best when you get them from food. So get some Kefir! Lifeway is a brand I find at my local grocer (and I live in a food dessert). It has a wider variety of good bugs (12 different live cultures!), has a greater shelf life than yogurt (because it is fermented) and is lactose AND gluten free for those of you who suffer with intolerance. It's an amazing immune system booster and you only need 1 cup a day (it's like a smoothie!).Did I mention it is YUMMY?

I've found that, along with taking daily multivitamins (hair and nails is my jam)and using these three things my symptoms greatly improve.**Hair and nail vitamins contain chlorophyll, vitD3, Folic acid, and ALL the other stuff I've seen people list on this great site, but in 3 pills a day instead of a handful).

I tell ALL my patients about the Kefir thing and all my girlfriends about coconut oil (I am scary-level obsessed, in case you can't tell).

I also drink a ton of lemon water (because I love it). I've noticed I have only ever had 'flares' after a new partner or when I'm eating really crappily (including drinking ETOH). Think of it as your body's way of telling you it's out of whack. I would guess that many of you guys suffer from GI symptoms as well (bloating, constipation/diarrhea, nausea, flatulence). I promise, Kefir helps!

I apologize if this post seems 'all over the place'. I always get excited to tell people how to get well. It is an ER nurse thing- discharge instructions (literally!!).


I'm 18, and before I just recently had sex for the first time, I had a similar problem, while I was a virgin!!!!! I'm telling you, what I did WORKED. Anytime I have a problem down there, it fixes it right up. Yeast infection, bam. Unbalanced bacteria, bam. Melt some coconut oil, soak a tampon in it, and put ten drops of pure Melaleuca essential oil on the tampon. Insert it and wear for 3-6 hrs, and check how you're doing. If it's still really bad in there do it again immediately, and do it maybe three times in a row. I actually discovered this remedy by myself, and I was so so thankful!! No medications that harm my body, and it's not expensive, especially if you already have the stuff. (Totally worth buying, coconut oil is awesome for everything and Melaleuca has many benefits as well.) Doterra has good essential oils, but Edens Garden is just as good and a lot simpler and inexpensive. Get unrefined coconut oil. Hope this helps!!! All happiness to you in your marriage, praying for you :)


The idiot pretending to be a doctor is not a doctor.

Dr. Larry S. Haskins

Soap. Dr. Dean is right. Maybe washing it isn't the problem but maybe it is. Start at the beginning.

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