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There is a rash that forms as a small thin red scaly patch. When first spotted there are usually a few dime/nickel size or a much larger patch with smaller ones that form right near the initial ones that formed. They spread all over the body and are unsightly. This is a type of fungus you can't wash away as it only tends to spread as the tiny scales are moved and provided a moist area on which to proliferate. Scratching at them when they're itchy, wearing clothes that rub against then, sheets and pillow cases may also help spread them around. They usually attach to only particular skin types and leave white spots all over where the larger patches were before the scales died off, scrubed or moved off or destroyed - this refers to tanned skin, so as to remove the outer layer leaves a lighter lower layer of skin.
I have tried several prescribed creams that didn't do the job. The answer and only answer I know of is Nizoral which also happens to be the best Dandruff shampoo out there as it will remove the cause of dandruff, not just the dandruff. It's about $13 cad for a small bottle here but you only need to use it every now and then, regardless of which of the 2 problems you need to resolve.

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I could kiss you! I've been dealing with this rash on my face for 5 MONTHS and nothing was working; I went to 3 different doctors and they all perscribed me 3 different drugs and nothing was working... I stumbled upon this site hoping for some remedy. I saw yours and tried it thinking, 'Come on....' and it worked... I saw immediate results from something in my bathroom cabinet. All this money I was wasting on perscriptions and I could have had this cleared up with something under my skin!?!

Sandy... you are my hero!
Thank you so much!


Does this rash you are describing burn as well as itch? I have been trying to solve a rash for several weeks that I have and it burns, hurts and itches. I am going to try your remedy!


What you have sounds like what we call in Florida as Florida fungus it is a fungus that growes on the skin and blockes out the sun when it growes leaving blotches when you clear it up and to clear it up yes you have found one thing and you can also use selson blue put it on your body and let it sit for about 5 minuts fepeat daily for 5 days then rince with worm water.It should be cleared up in 3 days but don't stop the treatment do it for the full 5 days. It should be gone the only bad thing is you can get it again and again. There is also a pill you can get by the DR. you get two pills and take one the first day with a bottle of coke a cola then the next day you do the same and it will be gone till next time . A hint to keeping it gone it likes damp skin and if you swet shower ofter and keep your body dry.


is it gud fr underarms ???my underarm is red,itchy and its spreading.dnt no wat to to use it???jst like a shampoo or apply it only on the affected area???reply soon


Hi I have tried the mentioned shampoo it's still there I'm so sick of it and it's spreading doctors are useless


Hi I'm 14 and i think i have the same rash. I have been searching on it and havnt found anything yet. Do you know how you got the rash? that wuld be really helpful. thank you

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