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This is a quick fix until you can get to the dentist, but will drain the abscess and help with the pain.

You need a few things: a soft-bristled toothbrush (I'd suggest buying a new one so no lingering germs on the current brush get into the abscess), toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide, q-tips, a needle/pin.

First things first--brush your teeth. It may seem like a stupid suggestion but I've found that whenever I have an abscess I'm really gentle over the swollen skin because it's painful. Don't be. It might hurt for a bit, but vigorous brushing can help to possibly knock loose any food particles that might be the cause or might even pop the abscess itself, helping to speed things along. Take ibuprofen before doing this, that will help with the pain.

Make sure the needle or pin is sterilized. You can use hot water, I soaked mine in hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes. From here, you can pop the abscess. It might take a bit for the abscess to start draining. Use a q-tip to massage the gum, or add another drainage hole. I accidentally dragged the needle in the swollen area a bit, creating a bit of a tear. I wouldn't recommend that, but it did seem to drain faster.

Make sure you spit out all the discharge, you don't want to swallow it. From there, you can rinse with either salt water or a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water (I prefer the hydrogen peroxide and water, it bubbles out any remaining gunk. From there, you're pretty much done. Make sure to keep rinsing your mouth regularly as well as brushing. Ice packs also help with the swlling.

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I'm posting this on all the comments
where people are draining their own abscess,

It's idiots like this that has 300,000 people in America dying each year from infection/septic blood shock/etc..

Whats going on with an abscess should be known.

It's root, base of infect will be well into the gum line. When you 'pop' that abcess its gonna be great, you drain that puss, the swelling goes down..

happy day..

You just did what the infection has been built to do, in fact infections have had millions of years to evole.. smart little fuckers.

Now the infection has oxygen, pathways to spread, and you've introduced other kinds of bacteria to the party.

It might feel good for a week, maybe a month but that infection is still in there, and that's when people end up having flu like symptoms a month later, no pain in the gum... they goto the er after it gets bad, fever hits 100+...

liver shuts down within 48 hours, your in a drug induced coma, and about to die.

Get to a dentist, get antibotics, get the tooth pulled,

sell a car, get a loan, whatever it takes, but don't die over being an idiot.

Quick stats as well...
2011-2012 Almost 300,000 Americans died from septic blood shock, infections...

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