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I originally posted on this site in late February. I started out taking 2 50 mg of Zinc and 10,000 UD of Vitamin D everyday. This was to combat a relapse of 'P'. The first time it went away was just from sun tanning in the desert. (dry heat?) Anyway that worked 10 years ago. Then in February it came back. Thats when I read on this site about the zinc and vitamin d. I tried it and it went away in a little over a week. It was popping up all over my arms and some around my waist. It's now april and the 'p' is completely gone. I only bought one bottle of each and I take nothing now and it's still gone. After I talked to a dermatologist he told me there are alot of vitamin d based creams that are topical. So about me, male 178 lbs, older than VCRs and personal computers.

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how long did you take Zinc and vitmine D? 2 months?


what kinda zink did you use there are different types of zink what brand was it? is it a sulfate zink?


maximum zinc intake should not exceed 40mg per day (MAXIMUM!)

too much zinc can cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, loss of appetite and headaches. over an extended period, excessive zinc consumption can also interfere with your immune system function (not good for psoriasis) and lower copper and HDL cholesterol -- the good kind -- levels in the body. 15mg of zinc is 100% of the daily recommended allowance


I live in the desert and have all my life. I am in the desert sun every day and I still have pustular 'P'. Sun does help, but I truly don't think the desert sun makes all that much of a difference. Of course, everyone is different. My thought is that since a common treatment is phototherapy, any sun is's the vitamin D that helps from the sun. But, for the sufferers that live where it isn't so dry, don't make a trip to the desert just for the sun...unless you like the idea of skin cancer.


What is the difference between 10000 ud and 10000 iu it is international units in Ireland

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