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Grab a Q-tip and your rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) It's as simple as soaking the Q-tip and gently swabbing the sensitive tissue within the ear canal. This works great on the kind of pain that won't let you sleep on the ear. Works in 20 minutes or so. Feel free to apply as much as you want and as frequently as you want, to assure the quickest releif. If no Q-tip handy, get it in your ear some how; Pour it in from the cap or soak a cotton ball, tip your head and squeeze it in. Isopropyl alcohol is cheap and worth having in your med cabinet!

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You aren't supposed to put rubbing alcohol in your ears! You are supposed to use peroxide if anything. Rubbing alcohol has a deep drying agent in it which can cause the ear drum to dry out completly causing even more problems.


i've actually tried this a few times, and it does work. it dries out the excess fluid in your ear.


It does work. After all, the swimmers ear medicine consists of the same thing. So you're saving money. Just you common sense in applying the drops.


I would not recommend putting a Q-tip in your ear canal at all. It's VERY sensitive in there and even the cotton on the Q-tip can irritate and scratch your ear canal. This will make the condition worse. However, my ear nose and throat doctor did recommend a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar twice a day after my medications were gone. He said it would help things stay normal. Now I was having fungal infections but they seem to hurt the same as normal, bacterial infections. I did try the rice in a sock idea which worked very well. My doctor only has appointments on Tuesdays and I didn't think I was going to be able to make it until I tried the rice in a sock trick. Highly recommended.

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