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I just found out I have genital herpes around the 1st of March. When I got a culture, the results were negative--I will get a blood test soon to confirm. But, I do have it. I haven't had a break from the blisters for 6 or 7 weeks. Every time I am close to healing, a new outbreak pops up. Has anyone else had this experience? I have been eating well, taking supplements, trying all the natural remedies. Today, I felt a new blister starting. I soaked in a acv, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, and epsom salt bath 3 times x 20 minutes each today. Inbetween, I blowdried and applied Abreva and sometimes Zilactin, also some Miracle Lips with bee propolis. I have been attacking this outbreak, seeing if I can get it to NOT spread. So far, so good. It is staying at bay, but it has been an all day project. Can anyone give me an idea about how long initial outbreaks can last and when they might start settling down? I haven't been able to have sex with my husband in months, and I am trying to be patient and positive and not be stressed (I was very stressed at first). My husband has had the virus for 17 years. We have been together for 7 and I've never contracted the virus until now. It is so much harder to deal with than I realized. Thanks so much for this site; it has helped me stay calm and find positive ways to help.

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My initial outbreak lasted for 2 months. Try eating more alkalinic foods rather than acidic. Eat healthy. Take One-a-day vitamin. Eat more fiber foods to make bowel movements to clean out your system. The first outbreak is the worst. I haven't had once since and its been 4 months no!!!! Try not to put nothing on the leaves scarring and causes it to heal slowly. Remember that this is a viral infection not bacterial infection. Therefore, you have to attack the viral cells. Use a hairdryer to keep area dry so the sores won't spread. It thrives off moisture. Wish you luck! Let me know how this goes!


Diet is key to prevention. I was getting outbreaks back to back and it was while I was drinking soda every day and eating pasta most of the week. I have cut back on both and supplement with l-lysine daily and I had been good for months until today. I knew it was coming because I have had a soda every day for the last week and I've eaten pasta for a few days. I also had an extremely stressful day which triggers it. Do a search for herpes diet, it really does make a difference. I have had it for 15 years and I have been able to tell wen I am getting one well before it shows. This has allowed me to prevent from giving it to my husband.


Thank you for the advice. It's good to know someone else had a long first breakout. I keep thinking they are different ones but maybe it is all just one big one. I sure am tired of it. I hope it settles down soon. Did you take any meds during that time? I haven't been able to get a prescription yet...and anyway was really trying to go the natural route as I hate taking meds...but getting worried that it won't ever go away. I am eating well and taking supplements. I will try putting less stuff on and just blowdrying. Thanks again for taking the time to comment. I truly appreciate the support.


Yes..I take Acyclovir 2 x day and if I ever have an outbreak again..i've been instructed by doctor to take 4 x day. Acyclovir works better than valtrex. I also know that i have joint pain especially in my hip when i feel an outbreak come along...I also take alka-setzer when I feel the outbreak neutralizes the body from being acidic, making it more alkalinic. I also talke the alkasetzer if i have flu-like symptoms...I've been had herpes for 6 months now and I think I got it under control...but my 1st outbreak was was terrible..i cried everyday...but now i accept 'it is what it is' and just deal with it...let me know how this works for ya!


You should try a product called Herpecillin. I've been using it for more than a year and I'm yet to have another outbreak. You can find it online at herpes-herpes-herpes dot com. I hope this helps


Girl, I feel your pain. My first outbreak after 9 years with my husband who's about 15 yrs in thx to an unfaithful ex girlfriend. I'm dying. Worst pain ever and I already suffer from autoimmune illnesses. Good luck to u


The first one is always the worst. I couldn't walk for two weeks and wouls scream in pain at every bath, bathroom break, anything really. If I moved in my sleep too much, the pain would wake me up. it's been almost ten years now and I have them less and less so be comforted to know that it DOES get beeter with time. Some advice, stay away from: artificial sweeteners, tomatoes, coffee, citrus and most inportantly STRESS! Find some type of effective stress management and LOVE IT and USE IT. Get plenty o fsleep on a regular basis and when an outbreak does pop up, try to get acyclovir cream if possible. It's pricey but worth it's weight in gold. Oatmeal baths help me when needed as well. GOOD LUCK!!


I've had it full blown and nobody had anything that helped. But through trial and error I now have one that works for me. Hydrogen peroxide and brown mouthwash applied to a cloth. Make it very wet and apply it to the affected area.Try not to rub the area very hard. This may cause the worst pain you have ever had but you will possibly feel relief right away. Additionally my naturalist prescribed Dynamic Nutritional Associates 'D68' formula. It is taken buy dropping it under the tongue.


I got a qi gong DVD and have practicing that to control stress. It really helps me to focus and calm down. It is so strange to have this virus that will not leave the body. Normally, when you have a virus, you take care of yourself, it goes away and that's that. I have been doing so much to manage this and it is frustrating that it still reoccurs. A question. I have a few really tiny blisters at the base of the perineum that are not active but won't seem to go away. They are a little raised and red and sensitive. Has anyone else had this trouble? I just end up wearing skirts most if the time because I don't like how pants feel against that area. I don't understand why it won't go back to normal if its not actively breaking out...


My initial outbreak lasted about 9 weeks (more than 2 months). I'm a gay male (receptive). I never had any external outbreak since then. The only outbreaks I had on monthly basis were the internal one...the reason I said internal is because there were not visible symptoms and I only suffered from burning and painful urination. I went to several doctors who denied it was herpetic urethritis but when I took Acyclovir 400mg thrice a day, the problem stopped. So it was caused by herpes. I've stopped taking acyclovir and now on herbal remedies and no more attacks since for the past 6 months. I'm taking these supplements:

1) Good quality bee propolis 500mg each softgel. Two softgels two times a day

2) Cold pressed BLACK SEED OIL (Nigella Sativa, Black Cumin Seed, Black Caraway Seed). 500mg each softgel. Two softgels two times a day.

Results were seen after 3 months taking these supplements. I reckon that certain food triggers herpes outbreaks or prolong them. These are:

Coffee and tea

All the best

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