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okay soo after an entire day of throbbing from a broken tooth with the nerves exposed...tons of ibuprofen, tylonel,muscle relaxer, anti inflammitories.. nothing was working!! my man madeup this mixture of vodka,listerine, garlic powder, salt,pepper, crushed up aspirin and ibuprofen swished the warm mixture of horrible smelling stuff in my mouth and poof its numb and feels freaking amazing... also soaking gauze in it then placing ontop of the exposed tooth is working too.. i might get to sleep tonight afterall

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it works great yes it doessss


swish that for ho long im in terrible pain right now thanks


good remedy ...but I think mine works better. all the time !....... a large glass of good whisky !....try it.

Samantha Johnson

How much of everything do you add to make the mixture?


Point less with the garlic powder lol


to be honest I think that's very good idea... I have a broken tooth in the back of my mouth and that junk hurt I have a small hole in it and another cavit right next to it..damn when will it it just end


It was the vodka that did the trick.

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