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After two bouts of lice in our family, I have tried a fair amount of things. First of all, when I had lice the first time, obviously the first thing I did was go buy some lice shampoo from the store.( I know, embarrassing). I treated my hair according to the instructions and when I started to nit, I was pulling out LIVE bugs! I did a second and different store treatment and still I got live bugs. Yuck!!! Someone who had had lice told me about using mouthwash. I will probably never buy lice shampoo again. Mouthwash worked awesome! You soak your hair with the mouthwash ( make sure it is saturated) and then put on a shower cap. You may need to put a towel around your neck to stop some of the dripping. Let it sit in your hair for 2 hours. After that rinse out the mouthwash and then rinse your hair with vinegar to loosen the glue on the nits. After you rinse out the vinegar than use some conditioner as a final step. Conditioner just helps ease the nitting process. Now comes the processes of nitting. I used the lice comb called nit free, but it might have a different name now. I never saw a live bug when nitting after using this treatment. I faithfully nit everyday for at least 7 days. After 7 days you could do another treatment if you wanted, but I felt after that many days of nitting and not finding any nits in the last few days that I was probably ok. I have read about using mayo or oil, but did not want to try to get all of that oily stuff out of the hair. This ways only drawback is that you smell like mouthwash:). By the way I use the yellow listenine. Actually the off brand works fine too. Besides the treatment I was very obsessive about vacuumming and washing. Furniture, bedding, clothing, coats, boiling combs and hair stuff, ect. Necessary? I wasn't asking any chances. From now on you will probably alway see mouthwash in my bathroom closet and my nit comb. Oh, and by the way, the cashier at the store won't take a step back when you purchase mouthwash:)

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after u do the treatment with the mouthwash what do you do after if the little eggs are still there nothing will take them off


Submitted at 2013-05-07 14:53:32
Used this on my 7 year old daughter! The adults started to fall out while I was applying the mouthwash to the hair & scalp. I tried a flea comb for the nits ( eggs ) but it wasn't fine enough I did end up buying a lice comb and it worked on the first application! My 6 yr old son only had the nits and they came out using a tooth pick & the flea comb!

hopeing to skip hair cut

is there a certain brand of mouth wash i'd need to use


We too tried the store brand treatments only to continue finding live bugs after treating the hair three times. We tried this treatment and retrieved the nits with ease. We too washed everything and put our pillows on bags for two weeks to be safe. We still can smell the mouthwash after washing our hair many times but it is worth it!!!


I used this method for my daughter. Wrapped head in plastic clingwrap since we didnot have shower cap. Put her in tub, rinsed out mouthwash. Then put lots of white vinegar on hair and massaged in to help loosen nits. Rinsed with water and put lots of creme rinse on before combing for nits. Found very few nits after this and they were loose so easy to get out. I did buy the tea tree shampoo and conditioner at walmart and used that for about two weeks afterwards. Plus i treated her head a second time just to be sure. This method worked great. We have had no problems. I did wash bedding, put stuffed animals in bags and vaccuumed. I definitely recommend this method to anyone dealing with lice.

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