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Hello, I am a 43 yr old woman diagnosed with HSV-2 1 1/2 yrs ago. I am a registered nurse that was married to the same man for 20 yrs ( the marriage was monogamous). Several months after divorce I met a really great man. We fell in love and of course were intimate. About 6 months into our relationship I had difficulty peeing. At first I thought I had a urinary tract infection and the additional irritation was due to an active yeast infection. Once I examined the area myself I noted lesions all around the vaginal area and then realised something was very wrong.These symptoms were followed by flu like symptoms, swollen glands and feeling bad overall as well as great pain. I knew when I looked what was going on. We both went to the Dr and were tested for everything. Blood tests were positive for HSV-2.
I do not feel like my significant other was ever dishonest with me. As I understand the disease, some people can carry the virus and never have symptoms. He has never had symptoms of the disease, never an outbreak which makes it a very tricky virus.
Of course I went through all of the emotions that we go through once diagnosed but I figure it could be much worse, just how I have to look at it!
I received a prescription for Valtrex at diagnosis and began taking it that day. Certainly for me the drug does provide some relief, however, I do not like taking meds on a daily basis. Although outbreaks are infrequent for me I have tried several home remedies when they do occur. I have tried baking soda and I will NEVER EVER do that again. The pain it creates is terrible, almost unbearable! DON'T DO IT! I am considering drinking it but would never apply it directly to a lesion again, EVER! Such a tender place on the the body to begin with!!!! What has helped me is nu-skin or liquid band-aid. Once I feel a tingle I bathe more frequently in hot h20 and then apply nu-skin to the area followed by using the hair dryer on the area until dry. Yes, the new skin will burn like like hell (blow dryer is a bonus!) if the area is already blistered and weeping but the nu-skin makes it dry up so quickly! I think it also isolates the area preventing more lesions. At least that has been my experience. I then dust with cornstarch. Cornstarch is the best! I live in southern Texas, humidity is high all of the time and moisture is a problem but not with cornstarch!!!
I wish you all the best! I hope we can continue to learn from each other! Herpes is not the end of the world, just an inconvenience.

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What can I do to reduce the pain during urination. It hurts so badly that I try not to go as long as I can but I know that is not good either. Does anybody know?


Pee in a tub of water and invest in a sitz bath.


Use a cotton but to apply Peroxide and allow to dry then treat the area with T Tree oil


I am 31 and I just found out about a month ago. I have done 2 rounds of of the antiviral meds, i am taking lysine daily, and vitamin c daily, but it still has not went away. I am very thankful after reading all these post that mine has not been as painful as some have said. I also have been applying alcohol after I shower. It looks like I am clearing up and then bam it starts over again. My partner has it too, we are not sure which of us gave it to which. Neither of us have ever had a symptom and then we both had symptoms around the same time and got tested. His have cleared up quicker than mine. I am getting so discouraged because it's been a month of a constant outbreak!! any suggestions would be so appreciated!! I would love to just be intimate again with the man I love. We are both so new to this we don't know when we are safe to have sex and when we are not, we don't know if it is ever safe for us to have oral sex again. I just feel lost at trying to take control of this!! I have a hi-stress job so it is hard to not stress for me. Reading through all these post has helped me realize some of my symptoms and has helped me not feel so bad about the fact that I have went from working out several times a week to not having the energy or motivation in the last month to work out at all, I did not realize that was due to the outbreak, I thought I was being lazy. Will life ever feel normal again?? Will we be able to have sex again without the worry and pain? Any suggestions for what has worked with specifics would be great!!

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