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I have been suffering from bacterial vaginitis for 2 years. I've been on several rounds of oral as well as internal antibiotics. Nothing helped, at least not for very long. Just like most all the other ladies on this site, it has been nothing short of devastating! I had to have a 'vaginal routine'.. showering was just not cutting it. I began using RePhresh gel, it would keep me odor free for a couple days..but often the smell would break through, so I would carry around different wipes..and so on! For two years I was constantly checking myself for odor, not that it was difficult to smell it.
I started using internal probiotics just over a year ago. Through trial and error I found one called Fermalac. I have been using it for about a year ..everyday I plug one in and pray its doing me good. These last couple days things have changed, the offensive smell if it's not gone it's so minimal that I can barely detect it.
I was hoping for a quick solution to free me from this terrible situation and what I got was a solution just took longer than I imagined. Fermalac is the name of the probiotic.
It's about 23 Canadian dollars for 10 caps, but it has been well worth it for me. Keep your spirits up..and good luck!

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Where do you get it from? Can you get it from shoppers? (If ur in Toronto)


Ladies I read a post a while ago indicating the cure for BV, I used it and I've been cured since. I suffered from BV for 5 yrs and I am soooo damn happy that I no longer have to deal with with. All you have to do is get vitamin c capsule, misery one in the vagina, just one and let it dissolve, u can do it overnight or during the day, when you wipe yourself down the next day you will see some orangee things don't panic that the pill dissolving. Also get a vitamin d bottle and take one each day, I promise you you will be instantly cured from BV. I have. Hope it helps.

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