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I had an abcess due to a bad root canal.
I couldn't stand the idea of this thing growing bigger and poisoning me while I waited for an appointment. I sterilized a razor with flame and isopropyl alcohol. Put a small incision so as to allow the puss to drain and spit continually until it was right down. I used peroxide on a cotton ball to between teeth and cheek to press on it making sure not to swallow the peroxide.
Check it repeatedly, when you need to spit, and stop when you see no more bubbling or the tissue is turning white. This white tissue will prevent the incision to reclose and provide a natural shunt to allow any further puss to be released. There is no danger in swallowing the puss, perhaps some nauseau (that might be psychological) but at any rate, spitting out frequently would make you feel better.
The abcess did not come back for me although I did get a root canal of which had failed and turned out only a partial. Still did not get another abcess. Can't say your's won't come back...Sorry...

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My dad suggested the same thing to me, But with a sirenge. If this abcess gets any worse I'll have to resort to this.


In desperate pain, I figured I try all the remedies. This one seemed dangerous; however, really wasn't that complicated. After sterilizing the razor, I just pricked it into the puss bulge of the abscessed tooth. Immediately the puss drained relieving pressure, and the terrible pain subsided to nothing. I followed with a cotton ball and peroxide in my cheek for about five minutes. Terrific results, Thanks for the idea!


I read on one Web site that this procedure is done in emergency rooms when no dentist can be reached. It is a temporary fix, though, because the offending material (the decaying root) is still in the tooth.

I have heard - though I'll admit that I didn't try this - that using a Water Pik to puncture a hole in your tooth also works. When I made it to the dentist, my dentist drilled a hole in my tooth to let all of the puss out. So I guess the idea is the same.

Either way, you're getting the junk out that is causing the inflamation and pain.

Also, for whatever it's worth, when your tooth abscesses, it generally means that the root, or nerve, is dead. So you won't feel any pain when your dentist drills into the top of your tooth.

Good luck!

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Great tip. I just squeezed and all of the pus came out. (sick i know!!) No need for razor blade. Thanks for idea. Now i'll be relatively pain free until I see the dentist.


wow, gotta love stupid people. anyways, good advice even though i dont think i would have the guts to cut myself.


If you rather not cut yourself, you can take equal amounts of baking soda and salt mixed together with a damp cotton ball dipped in the mixture, place it between your gum and tooth where the abscessed tooth is, and it will end up making a pimple of sort that you can pop easily and usually no pain at which just spit the puss out. Doesnt taste all that great but it does help some, did this with my first abscessed tooth (At which i got fixed a month later) and it helped with the pain a lot as well as took swelling down some too. Sure if you continue it, it should have the same effect as cutting i would guess. Would be a little safer too.


I used a steak knife and I sterilized it and lanced the abcess used hydrozine peroxide and the swelling went down in two hours.

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