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Hi, I have been suffering from a toothache for the past two days, first manageable with mild painkillers. But it developed into severe pain when I nearly cried, meanwhile I tried some of your remedies ( mainly garlic, salty water, mouthwash on Q-tip, Ice-cube in hand, panadol and Ibuprofen.. all absolutely failed. Except for one and that was the warm washcloth on my cheek. Well I tried to get it as hot as I could and kept changing the water as soon as it cooled down a bit. It made me a bit sleepy, but after about an hour of patience the pain is considerably reduced. Still need to see doctor though

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It does make it feel better, but heat actually makes the infection spread if it is abscessed.


Take a empty water bottle and pour hot water from the tea kettle in it, rap a paper towel around it so you wont burn your self and press on cheek wear the took is hurting that way you dont have to keep getting up and running your wash rag under hot water, it stays hot for a good while. :)


Ice wrapped in a towel or in an ice pack on the cheek helps too.


I agree with Cheryl. Heat does make it feel better, but my dentist informed me that putting heat of any kind on a toothache can actually make the infection/abcess worse and it will also cause the infection to spread fast. Always use ice/cold compresses. Yes, it may hurt at first, but it will help and will also prevent an already painful problem from getting much worse.

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