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I have read alot of these remedies and some do work. I have Hydranitis Suppurtiva for short HS. Alot of people don't even know about this but it is when you have black heads usually under your arms or your breast or on your inner thigh and they turn into BIG boils or abscesse like things that drain yellow puss and they hurt like hell. I haven't been able to figure out why I developed this but I know my mother and 1 of my aunts have it. I have read online about this stuff called Emuaid. I haven't been able to afford it cause it's 52.00 a bottle but for a home remedy I always just sleep with hot compresses under my arm or breast where ever it seems to come up and it's very very painful it is worse than childbirth. I wish someone could tell me some home remedies for HS if any is known of. But if you suffer from continuos boils,abscesses and blackheads you more than likely have HS. Look it up. I had to diagnose myself after 17 years of boils and blackheads and severe pain. Hope this helps....

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Boil Girl

I have been suffering with HS since I was 15 years old and now 30, mainly on my breast and arm pits. I can't use deodorant and only wash with anti bacterial soap (cetifal). Not only does this illness cause physical pain but emotional pain as well. My breast and armpits are permanently scared, I constantly miss work because the pain is so bad I can't get myself dressed. I've tried the doctors method even getting surgery to remove the sweat glands under one arm and the boils started coming around the scar. I'm going to start focusing on natural remedies and removing this from my diet. Any suggestions on what steps I should take towards a natural healing?



I've been battling H.S for a while now.Of course doctors didn't know what was going on so I basically dx myself. Eventually I had surgery in May of 2013 under my arm. It was rough tough and disqusting. I was healing great then here comes august of 2013.Dam boil returned so surgery may not be for everyone. You guys have gave me great ideas. if u can help email me gtabby79@gmail


Hey Guys I also have HS and like some of you, didn't have a clue as to what was going on with my body. I was getting boils on my breast and armpits constantly Nd the pain is so unbearable. I was finally diagnosed 5 years ago. Which like most of you also I was prescribed doxycycline for months and months at a time. But it really didn't help! So through out the years I've noticed a pattern when my flare ups occur, that being around the time for my monthly menstrual cycle. Which I still don't know the connection between the two. I have done so much research over the years and this is what I have came up with : HS is hereditary. It also is condition that is uncurable to my knowledge and you will always have this virus in your body! Which majorly sucks and literally is a pain in the butt! Also these are the things and home remedies I have tried to get the boil to head and bust without having to go to a Dr for assistance to get if lanced and having to go through the agony of packing it several times a day!
1.) A Slice of an onion covered by gauze or paper towel for when it comes to a head and busts. I know it's stinky and especially as you start to sweat the smell is yucky! So I would do this at night before I'd go to bed and in the morning when I'd wake up my boil would have come to a head and bust.
2.) Same as the onion and clove of garlic works the same. I'm not quite sure as to what the deal is with the onion and garlic but it works!
3.) Black Salve which is so hard to find now days and it's nasty and looks like tar but it works like magic. Being that it was impossible for me to find I had to find something else!
4.) Finally! I discovered 'EMUAID' which I also seen someone else mention this product in a previous post. But this is a creme in a container not a bad smell or anything you just put it on your boil and literally an hour at the most the boil comes to a head no more pain and it bust with all the yucky infection and I apply it once after I get the area clean and free of the infection and it's practically healed the next day! Not quite sure what is in EMUAID that works but it's a life saver for people suffering with HS! As the person mentioned in the previous post that it's like $50 but it last forever I we had mine for a year now and it's not even half gone yet!!
So I hope this helps just look Into the emuaid and you'll amazed!!


There is a book written by an HS sufferer who cured herself with diet. The author is Tara Grant and the book is called 'The Hidden Plague'. She also has a website.


although I do not have HS my heart goes out to you. I have had chronic skin problems and recently diverticulitis in my colon and cellulitis on my lower legs.
after hospitalization and massive doses of antibiotics the cellulitis still remained.
The point is I found a book called the one minute cure which talks about using food grade hydrogen peroxide and it has helped. The principle is that if you give your body what it needs to work with it can clear up all kinds of things by itself and the extra oxygen you are introducing into your body with the hydrogen peroxide makes a big difference and is extremely cheap. Give it a try if you follow the recommended protocol, it won't hurt and may help.


Try cold pressed castor oil applied topically. It's reasonably priced and available at health food stores. It does stain so bandage over it or wear old clothes when applying. You can soak a cloth or gauze and place on affected area (cover with bandage to keep in place) it's very soothing and has helped me. Good luck and bless you all.

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