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I have read alot of these remedies and some do work. I have Hydranitis Suppurtiva for short HS. Alot of people don't even know about this but it is when you have black heads usually under your arms or your breast or on your inner thigh and they turn into BIG boils or abscesse like things that drain yellow puss and they hurt like hell. I haven't been able to figure out why I developed this but I know my mother and 1 of my aunts have it. I have read online about this stuff called Emuaid. I haven't been able to afford it cause it's 52.00 a bottle but for a home remedy I always just sleep with hot compresses under my arm or breast where ever it seems to come up and it's very very painful it is worse than childbirth. I wish someone could tell me some home remedies for HS if any is known of. But if you suffer from continuos boils,abscesses and blackheads you more than likely have HS. Look it up. I had to diagnose myself after 17 years of boils and blackheads and severe pain. Hope this helps....

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I have HS as well. Was diagnosed many years ago. Mine is a secondary symptom of my Crohn's Disease. It is pretty much the most painful thing I have ever experienced, as it grows and lingers and takes up residence in your underarms, etc., and doesn't leave until its consumed your brain 24/7 with the pain associated with it. Sucks the life out of you, and then it's gone. I have one size of an extra large egg, under my right arm now. A month ago, had two next to each other, just as big (if not bigger) under my left arm. I do heat compresses too. It helps, along with pain med. I have been wondering....there has got to be something we can do/take to prevent these damn things!!!!??!!! If you need someone to talk to, post a comment and maybe we can exchange email addresses?? I am one strong chick, but this is really wearing me down!


Hi, I have diagnosed myself with HS as it is the only explanation for the abscesses that I have and the only thing I could find that fits the description of the symptoms I have.
It isn't known among many doctors, when I told my GP she had to look it up because she nor any doctor in my sugary knew about it. Ive been on the pill injection since I was 16 and never had an abscess until I stopped the pill injection to conceive my little girl, since I stopped the DEPO injection I have had 13 months of hell with these abscesses. I also red up that the DEPO injection releases certain hormones into your body that help ease off the abscesses so ive decided to give that a go. I received the DEPO 2 weeks ago and have decided to give it a few weeks to work as the HS abscesses take a while to show. I will post the results in a few weeks.
Also weight loss and keeping the area as dry as possible is ment to help so maybe try some baby talc?
I hope my info can help I know how painfull and upsetting it gets.


I have HS too. I'm 19 and I have had this problem since I was 14. It sucks because it makes me so self conscious. Couple things I have tried that work most the time: soak in an epsom salt bath and put a few salt grains on a bandaid overnight. Hot compresses help but it takes some time and a few times doing it. Antibiotic bandaids for the boils after you squeeze them whenever you wear panties.. I try not to wear tight clothing when they appear helps the uncomfortability!! I have been on several different birth controls, including Depo and they all did not work- the pills made them occur not as often. I still have yet to find a solid treatment.


I have had hs since I was 8. I was diagnosed at 16. I am now 34. I have had many surgeries including skin graphs. I like to try to get rid of them myself with drawing salve and heat compresses along with antibiotics and ibuprofren. I should have stock in the stuff. Mine currently takes over all my body except my arms and legs. I have 3 children and I would gladly trade childbirth for the pain these cause. I can no longer wear deodorant just a&d ointment and paper towels stuffed in my armpits because my armpits and under my breasts are constantly draining. I,too, cannot find anyone local to treat me, just surgeons who cut me all the time. I am currently finding it hard to find anymore drawing salve and its scaring me. If anyone has any other tips it would be greatly appreciated.


I recently turned 40 and have had boils since puberty. They started under my breasts and armpits. But now they have taken up in my groin area. I've had the same one lanced 5 times!! Since December it has done nothing but drain. I've been on doxycycline for 4 months now. I'm constantly in pain. The whole area is black. I've tried everything (potato, warm compresses, Epsom salt, you name I've tried it! I haven't been diagnosed with anything at this time but because of the coloration Im at the doctors every week. I'm at my last straw! I'm so embarrassed because of where its at and the fact that I am changing my bandages every hour. That's how much its draining. While it drains it swells up again. I seriously dong know what to do anymore. I need help!!!


I've had HS for about 8 years now in my groin and thigh area and had been to many different GP's who all had guesses at what it was (all were incorrect) until I was referred to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with HS. She put me on E-Mycin tablets and Oratane tablets. Those along with washing with Sapoderm soap by Dettol really settled down the boils and abscesses. My partner and I decided we wanted to have a baby but before we could try I had to stop the Oratane and E-Mycin. Throughout my pregnancy I got the occasional boil but nothing like before I fell pregnant (apart from one that wouldn't burst on its own and had to be drained at the hospital before it became septic). My baby is now 4 months old and today is the first time since giving birth that I've had a really bad abscess. I haven't gone back on the tablets but have continued using the Sapoderm soap and thoroughly recommend it at least twice a day. I'm discussing surgery with my doctor tomorrow.


Has anybody tried using apple cider vinegar as a deodorant? I have used it for over a year. Straight ACV in a spray bottle. Couple of squirts in the morning. On hot days a few squirts in the afternoon. It kills the bacteria. It smells like vinegar for a few minutes, then absolutely no odor all day. If it kills the bacteria, maybe you could use it as a spray on places that are prone to boils and abcsesses. Hope this helps.. Also maybe drinking ACV daily will help..


Hi there I also suffer terribly from this I have a recurring breast abcess because of this I went to naturopath shop because antibiotics wasn't cutting it the lady gave me silica tablets and I swear in two days my HS has started clearing up Ican feel it drawing my breast abcess also the tablets are called Schuessler Tissue salts cleanser and conditioner Silica hope this may help you


I was just checking abscess treatment and found your post.
I used to have bad blackheads on my nose. Like a big fat strawberry.. A freind of mine on his cheeks.

Happened to pass by a natural pharmacist in Morroco. He gave us a magic natural remedy that worked within a few weeks. My nose...his cheeks are now as smooth as a baby's bum.

Splash pure undiluted rose water on to the area 2-3 times a day.
I hope it works for you too.


I was diognased with HS about 10 years ago. Suffered and I do mean suffered with it for about 15 years. I have two children and I swear that child birth was ten times easier than even one of these bastards. I constantly have swollen now rope scars that never go away and I squeeze daily several times a day. My whole life is based on this plague that has consumed my whole body. I have found small relief in warm epsom salt baths. Icthamol is gods gift to this mess as well. I also have been on doxycyclene for about 5 years with it leaving the bumps still at the verge of crazy and my skin is sensitive to cold wind heat and the sun. So that's really like a bottle of blue crap. Lol. 10 percent benzoyl peroxide is a good wash but don't get it on rest of your skin. Its will give u a nasty raw rash. Which hydrocortozone helps with. My gynocolagist is the one that informed me of what I was 'blessed' with. Very few people have this or are even aware that this exist. Or even understand that your not nasty because u have this. I bath 3 times a day noww per my dermotoligist. Not to let anyone down but there is no known cure for our disease. Only helpful and not so helpful home remedies. If aanyone finds something more helpful email me.

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