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37 and has Herpes

So for those that just have contracted HSV-II, it may feel like it is the end of the world or that you are 'dirty'. I contracted it when I was 21 years old, I am 37 and married, and have two children, so I can tell goes on...16.7% or 1 in 6 adults have HSV-II, so you are in good company.

As for remedies, there are a few that have worked for me

(1) Vitamin C or Lysin
(2) Applying Black Cumin oil on an early break out
(3) Putting a cool tea bag on it for about 30 minutes, I read it some where and it works
(4) Keep your stress in check, it will definitely cause a breakout
(5) sorry on this one, but for me, keep your masturbation to a minimum, it causes friction to the skin and will cause a breakout

Something to consider is Herpes is a virus which resides in your spinal fluid, but presents itself as a sore. If you keep your immune system strong with exercise, eat healthy and keep your stress levels low, you will have a higher chance of not getting a breakout.

At one point I went over four years with no breakout but as I speak, I have a very mild breakout.

Lavender Oil is another one that helps...Good luck everyone, don't stress, because when your out at a grocery store or at a bar, every 7th person has Herpes.

Oh, BTW, I met my wife on a Herpes website 14 years ago, so I see it as a blessing.

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Thank you for the great info. I just wanted to add that as many as 1 in 4 have or carry HSV-2 now. Much larger epidemic than one once thought!

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