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After perusing through pages of these home remedies, I decided to concoct my own based loosely on all the recommendations here. The simplest thing I found that worked the best was this...

1) Take one Ibuprofen and crush it up into a fine powder with a teaspoon.

2) Take the powder and put it in the teaspoon, filling the rest of the spoon with lukewarm water. This should create something more liquid than a paste, but not too watery in nature.

3) Swish the concoction around the affected area for at least two minutes. It will sting your tongue a little, but it isn't too bad.

4) Spit it out and rinse your mouth with cold water. Do not swallow any of the Ibuprofen residue.

Repeat if the pain comes back.

This gave me instant relief, and brought my pain level from an eight down to a two or three for quite awhile. It's not the perfect cure-all, but it's easy to make and doesn't require special items from a grocery store.

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every time i see someone saying to apply a pill as a topical i have to laugh a little.
ibuprofen and aspirin are NOT topical medicines,
they work by being absorbed into your bloodstream and reducing inflammation.
applying these medications as a topical analgesic is actually very harmful to your gums and teeth.

if you are going to use ibuprofen, simply swallow a few pills.


I also want to add:
if applying ibuprofen/aspirin as a topical was at all beneficial,
the manufacturers would have already be offering these medicines in topical form rather than making people make a concoction themselves.
(but they do not.)

don't put pills on your teeth/gums.


That's used to make aspirgum for sore throats... It's worked amazing. Nuf said.
They don't make it cuz of gum and children don't mix and people can't control their kids


Actually putting pills on a bad tooth can cause a chemical burn on your gums which causes more pain later. I know from experience. The side of my wisdom tooth broke out and I kept letting excedrin dissolve on it. When I finally was able to afford to go to the dentist he told me it made it alot worse than it was. Which is true because after every time I did it it would just hurt more later.


I've a cracked tooth. Appointment on Monday morning. It's Sat night, I'm 8/10 and am a kidney stone survivor. I know pain. I crushed the Ibu and put it in a tablespoon, sprayed some chloraseptic into the spoon mixed it up to a thick state. I took it with the spoon and soaked my right lower tooth for 5 minutes. I spit out the stuff, and 5 minutes later my pain went from 8/10 to 4/10. I still hurt like hell, but I'm not going out of my mind with pain. For you people who say it won't work - FOFF - it does.


Thanks it worked a treat!


Dear Jodie,

Please do all the other Jodie/Jodi/Jody's in this world (like myself) a huge favor and please legally change your name - you are making the rest of us look bad because YOU are infact the 'complete dumb ass'.

doctornameless is correct. Crushing pills and using the powder as a topical is bad for your gums and infact causes burns (which was also mentioned by Akf).

Hell, even the OP (Bettman) proved this point in his #3 suggestion when he stated: 'It will sting your tongue a little, but it isn't too bad.'

Um, of course it stings, Bettman ... that's because it's causing burns in your mouth.

YOU were however, correct in two of your snarky comments:

'These suggestions are to relieve pain quick'


'If people want to put pills I'm their teeth back off it's their mouth not yours!'

If you feel the need to put pills in your teeth, then by all means ... go ahead and do it.

If the OP (Bettman) wants to do this as well ... hey, more power to him.

And if anyone else out there has seen these comments and wants to do it too ... GREAT! Have at it.

BUT as you said yourself: 'These are suggestions'. Meaning: You are ADVISING people to do this for quick pain relief.

If it actually works - wonderful!

But maybe OP didn't know that this 'stinging' was actually a chemical burn and he was suggesting people do this.

Shouldn't others atleast be warned by someone who DOES know about this reaction? (doctornameless, Akf, myself)

If they still want to use it afterwards, it's all on them at that point but I'm pretty sure OP would feel pretty damn bad if there wasn't a warning and he later happened to find out that he unknowingly caused harm to someone all from a simple suggestion.


Hey dumbasses all over the internet and even my dentist said they will burn u but ibuprofen won't cause it doesn't have the chemical the others do and they don't make it so kids don't OD #knowyourfacts

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