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I had major chapped lips for 2 weeks and nothing helped. I tried lanolin, sugar scrubs, honey, drinking water, carmex, etc.

Then, I was looking in my medicine cabinet and I saw an old jar of Vick's Vapor Rub. I rubbed some on my lips that night and the next morning, my chapped lips were almost healed! I then used it for another day and my lips went back to normal. Who knew?

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little mars mom

This wOrks please try but rib lips with tooth brush first


I tryed it n it didn't work for me it make ut 10 times worse


I literally tried this like 10 min before reading this. I'm desperate! My daughter lost my chap stick and it just went downhill from there. I resorted to using my face lotion (for dry skin) but quickly dries away when I talk. I'm crossing my fingers now. Relieved I came across this post.


Vicks worked for me! For the past months after wearing some cover girl lipstick, my lips started to burn. Then, it got really dry and no matter what I would do nothing would work. The skin would peel off. It was very uncomfortable and it healed but then returned. I felt so desperate, I went to research. I had a bump and I had used vicks by the next day it was gone. I didn’t think to use vicks in my entire lips. After seeing this post, I said let me try worked instantly. My lips are now back to normal!

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