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Thank you! I have had a patch of ringworm on my leg for months and have used all manner of lotions, potions, oils, salves and all combinations of the above - all to no avail. I tried the garlic remedy I read about on your website and it's going! Rubbing the garlic on the site made it sting like hell for a few minutes, but almost immediately the itching stopped (bliss). I've only rubbed the garlic in three times but it seems to have done the trick. Fantastic!!!

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Hi. I tried the garlic last night and I've been up all night BURNING and itching! I have gotten no sleep! What did I do wrong???

Peter Staheli

For years I had horrible ringworm all over my back and nothing helped. On day I found out what is killing ringworm totally in 3 days. You don't believe that I an sure.
Now, buy FLOWERS OF SULPHUR,that is a yellow sulphur powder, not poisonous, (it is also taken in for blood cleaning purpose). Mix it with water to a pulp and keep it in a jar. Important: mix with water and not oil, mixed with oil insulates the sulphur to inactivity.
Take a shower and being wet rub this sulphur pulp softly into your skin where the ringworm fungus grows. Let it dry and leave it on under your clothe. 12 hours after your infected skin peals off. The ringworms are totally removed.
Repeat this shower act again and you will be absolutely clean of ringworms. Somme where on your body or some clothes. Watch it and as soon you see a new ringworm sign paste it. I am absolutely free of ringworm and sulphur is the only way do treat it. I spent hundreds of dollars for humbug that is promoted against ringworms and athlete foot. Sulphur Flowers is cheap and the only stuff that helps 100%. Greetings


where can i buy this sulfur flowers?


It's sulfur powder.The most effective cure for ringworm.Mix it with coconut oil for your thicker hair result ect.

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