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I had blockage in my ear and so I tried the wax removal solution at the drugstore for 4 days but it did very little. I was bothering me to the point that I went over to Urgent Care and they sprayed very strong air and water and that was the trick. Couldn't believe what came out. Seems the problem was I was using ear plugs at night to cut down on noise but it blocked up the wax to a point that i couldn't get it out myself. No more ear plugs for me. guess I'll have to invest in a 'white noise' machine.

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Just wanted to mention that instead of investing in a ''white noise machine' you can get a free app for iphone/ipod touch/android that has a ton of relaxing sounds to fall asleep to (including white noise). I use it all the time and its great.


I wear ear plugs at night too!! Dangit!... Am going to try to flush out myself. How much was Urgent care?


Have you tried cleaning your ears every night before putting in the plugs? I have been using ear plugs for years and have had no problems as long as I clean my ears every night before use.

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