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Hello everybody. I simply bought some Compound W and put it on the warts twice a day after a shower. The tube says to not use it on genital warts for some reason however it cleared mine right up in about a week. I paid $7.00 for it at wal-mart. If you have some irritated skin or broken skin in the area of which you're applying it, it can cause a serious burning sensation and it even burns a little bit even if the area is not irritated. I'm assuming that's why it says not to use it on the genitals however it works like a champ. For me it was well worth the discomfort because of how inexpensive Compound W is and how quickly it worked.

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Yes it hurts, but ill let u know if this works, my GW are so tiny, I've had them burned once by the doctor, it feels the same as compound W gel. I am just worried that ill keep passing it back and forth to my BF so I'm treating mine, he has none :/ ugh

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