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I just want to share with you my experience and want to let you know that ACV really works!!
I have had 3 big cauliflower like GW's right in the base of my penis and after a few days of continously using ACV all the wart became black and slowly fell off!

This is not a JOKE!! you just have to have some patience in treating GW.

The way i treated it is i soak some cotton on ACV and then just squeeze the cotton to remove the excess ACV. Then i put the cottons on the warts and then wrap it with a cloth or a baby wipes. You need to wrap it a little tighter so as to put some pressure to let the ACV soak the warts to absorb it until it reach the root of the wart.Then to keep it intact you just have to put some tape of adhesive. And just leave it for a couple of hours in there. I leave it for 4 hours and after that i remove it.
After a few days of using it it will become more painful but that just means that the ACV is now wokring and slowly killing the root of the warts.

It's been two months now since i last used ACV and i am now warts free. And i see no more signs of GW. Hopefully it will stay that way. :)

Also vitamins and eating fruits and veggies daily will help boost the immune system.

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You are right ACV really works . I'm a female, 37, and pregnant . I have been using ACV to treat my GW for 5 months and I'm wart free today .


what is ACV?


ACV = apple cider vinegar


I have been using ACV for 5 months and it works on my GW. I'm a female and 37. I used AVC on my GW for about 2 hours and my skin burnt badly. However, after using ACV for few months I'm wart free now . So happy . Hope those nasty GW don't come back :))

Cheers !


mine is white in color but not removing what should i do ? what does white color means ?
how long it will take to heal the skin its happened again 2nd time what should i use for healing


After using ACV and your wart turns white it means the wart is dying . Keep using ACV until the wart fall off . With some people the wart turns white then black .... etc..... however mine turned white and disappeared after 2 hours treatment.

I'm wart free for a month after using ACV for 5 months . ACV really works please keep using it
Good luck

thobeka nyathi

Tjoe plz help me out where can I get ACV plz m so desparate plz


Can you use any brand of ACV


No. Don't get just any brand. Get Bragg's with the Mother. It works like a charm.

desperate female

Get the organic apple cider or at least the kind that has The Mother in it . It will have it on the bottle. That's what I've read out of 100 sites already ..

Ok so I started killin these buggers. Idk if I'm going over board but I went to dermatologist twice and had cryo and they went away first time then came back in a wk then I just :) healed frm second visit and just to be sure they are not coming back I started acv. I actual FOUND one she may have missed !! :'( so this is second day. First day , I put acv a cotton ball and let sit 1min. Next morning repeat, warts lit up white ( even the area where she froze ) not sure if that's bad now that I just read on scarring !!! Last night I placed cotton balls on for 6 hrs .. PAINFUL! should I take a break ? The one I think she missed looked like it turned black... I don't want scars I want it gone ! And I'm taking tonssss of vitamins! Helpp!!! Female

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