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I have just taken 2 co-codamol 30/500 tablets and i have all of a sudden become dizzy, with abdominal pains and vomiting, i was reassured that this is a side effect but my dizzyness and abdominal pains are affecting my sleep, i have no other pain killers, does anyone know any home remedies or health advice e.g eat or drink something?thanks.

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Try taking the paracetamol and codeine seperately, not in a combined pill. I used to get pains from it, but they work perfectly for me when taken together but seperate pills. You need to drink loads of water if you're taking them as well, otherwise you'll get a headache.

hansen k

Pickle juce helps its a old remedy


Boil black limes with fresh ginger,mint leaves, and chamomile. Filter out and add honey or sweetening to the water and drink. Tastes great and makes you feel better. I also recommend trying Cola syrup or artichoke leaf extract. Hope this helped. :)

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