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Hello Ladies,
All of your remedies have definitely enlightened me because I have suffered from BV off and on for years. I too have gone to physicians and received temporary relief. I just wanted to comment that I feel that BV occurs in women due to sex and all of what is done to pleasure us. (lol) I have been with the same man for 20 plus years and could relate the on set of BV mostly after oral sex. (lol) think about your mouth is the germest place of the body and full of bacteria so if you enjoy oral sex this could be the culprit. I try to get immediately after sex and urinate, another thing that I have noticed iIs that men rarely wash their hands prior to urinating. Keep in mind they have touched all type of doors handles beer bottles if they have been out at the bar, as well as eating hot wings and whatever else. Many of these things (entrance door handles,
glasses,bottles) are full of all kinds of bacteria, so even if you and your mate are going out and take showers prior to leaving home most often when you get home you don't take another shower. Women are ok to do this , because we don't have to touch ourselves when using the restroom and should be pretty clean, but not men. I say this because I can remember me and my husband going out, we had drinks and appetizers (hot and spicy shrimp) came for an evening of romance and after enter course I went to urinate and was on fire. (lol) I immediately knew what it was. Thus this is why I feel that women suffer with recurring BV off and on for these reasons. I now make my husband take a shower prior to sex which has helped greatly but I still get them because of other pleasures that I enjoy, (lol)and if you ladies are real freaks and like anal sex to let him insert his penis in your vagina without cleaning is a NO! NO! Because your anus is full of bad bacteria and you will get an infection from HELL....

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Ladies I read a post a while ago indicating the cure for BV, I used it and I've been cured since. I suffered from BV for 5 yrs and I am soooo damn happy that I no longer have to deal with with. All you have to do is get vitamin c capsule, misery one in the vagina, just one and let it dissolve, u can do it overnight or during the day, when you wipe yourself down the next day you will see some orangee things don't panic that the pill dissolving. Also get a vitamin d bottle and take one each day, I promise you you will be instantly cured from BV. I have. Hope it helps.


I had also noticed that I was getting BV due to salvia. My boyfriend does oral and he also started lubricating with salvia. I am currently fighting my 3 battle in a 3 month span. Needless to say KY Jelly was created for a reason. I

am doing a combination of treatments. So far they are working. I read that you can insert a tampon lightly coating in olive oil and a few drops of tea tree oil. I have been doing this twice a day and it is working. I have not had a fishy smell since I started this treatment. My underwear does not have any discharge or the wet feeling due to the bacteria. I am also eating yogurt through out the day to help replenish my natural bacteria. Plus drink plenty of water and I am taking a cranberry pill also.

I am doing great with this treatment plan. I was so tired of taking medications for 7-10 days that make you sick. Good Luck Ladies. Hopely I will be completely cured in 7 days.

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