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I have tooth pain in my whole left top teeth from one tooth, and i am a all natural fanatic. So I found this website and started reading. I found a women who said use bread and pack it into the targeted area, I had no luck. Then I told my grandmother that I had multiple teeth hurting, she told me to use a warm tea bag, I used it but I gaged so much; that didn't work. I also did the whole alcohol mouth wash, I did it twice and it did not work. The Luke warm water with salt and pepper was a bad idea did absolutely nothing. I try not to take medication unless I have to, I read from a women that took pain killers and IB, it didn't work for her so she tried crushing them into a powder substance and stuck a wet Q-Tip into it then put it between your cheek and the tooth. I did this multiple times, I used two pain killers. THIS WORKED! It was such a good feeling not to feel the pain of my teeth. I was in my kitchen chair all sprawled out in happiness. I recommend this highly :)

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