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I know this will sound nuts nut it really work... urinate on your feet where the affected areas are let it soak there for a minute or two then rinse off with warm water. It does not have to be your own urine.. its easiest done in the shower or 'peeing' in a cup. You will feel results after one or twice and see results in a week or so.. the more you do it the better!

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Parry Hurricane Utah

Im a college student and dont have alot of money, so I Looked up Home Remedies and seen this! Well my feet were in really bad shape so I thought 'what the heck' I dont see how it could work but Im desprate...Im way impressed! So say what you want! It works!


I have a light case that im afraid is going to get worse. I wear a boot that has no ventilation because I work in the oil lube industry (oil and non sealed shoes not a good idea). My feat smell like ^&*(% and dont look too bad but I definately have it. The condition doesnt physically look to be getting worse, but the smell has so maybe it is. Ill be honest, 2 days ago i bought hydrogen peroxide and tilex. But after reading the comments on here, ill be using neither on my feet. I have peed on my feet occasionally in the shower, but the honest truth is it sure hasnt stopped it. I think this site should require people to verify email and a log in, and some sort of profile because I cant always tell whos comments are for real or who is being a jack ass kid. I came here lookn for real answers and people are posting rediculous information and comments. And thats all in this athletes foot area, which tells me theres a lot of young people with it looking for answers too, yet cant stay mature enough to realize the answers theyre looking for will be disrupted and ruined by the nature of their attitude typing foolish things in here. Sadddd! I usually use a tea tree oil type shampoo for my scalp, im a start cleaning my feet with it and letting it soak for awhile with it, and i have some foot powder for my shoes and to put inside my socks before they go on. That for my condition I think will be enough, but I will likely buy some apple cider vinegar if not too expensive over regular and try and soak them atleast every other night. I think thats gonna do the trick for me, and I might come back a couple weeks or so and post my results (in this specific thread).All you kids in here need to grow up if you want answers to the reason your here and act your age, this isnt a place for punk attitudes and clowns go to yahoo chat or myspace for that crap.


ok r kelly lol


The poster who mentioned urea / acid in urine is correct. Urine, if it's strong enough, will provide relief. You might try washing first to exfoliate (get off any topical growth of the fungus), and then let the urine soak into towel-dried skin for a minute or two before the shower starts. If you aren't a clean-shower fanatic, or you are using a public shower, peeing in the shower will also help keep you from re-infecting yourself, or even from catching the fungus to begin with.


I didn't actually go through all the comments, but I did go through about 20 or so. One thing I noticed is no one mentioned the fact that athlete's foot is a form of herpes, but yet they still apparently know enough about the fungus to call people stupid for trying. I also noticed that only on this site is the subject as back and forth as it is. If you want to try it, go ahead, but go ahead knowing the POSSIBLE reactions to peeing on your feet. Finally, all of you that were talking trash to others: Are you such a low-life that you have to call people names who are only trying to get better?


If urine doesn't work, rub some doo doo on it.


No offense, but everything that I've read about Athlete's foot has said that it was a fungal disorder similar to a yeast infection, but rarely actually is from yeast. Not just this site, and not just on the internet. Although, a very trusted site, WebMD, in fact, agrees with this. So... Confused as to it's connection to herpes.


Have had it bad enough I swore it was jungle rott. Over the counter would not cure it so went to my Doc (smart) and he prescribed CLOTRIMAZOLE & BETAMETHASONE DIPROPIONATE CREAM. Some type of steroid cream that they try to be very conservative with (get 45g tube). I know pissing on your feet will cure low level cases but if you have had no luck actually killing the shit and I know it can be a fight, go get this cream and in a week it will be dead. Keep applying it till no signs left and it wont reaccure unless you become exposed again. Once you get rid of it bend over and wash your feet before leaving shower every day and I hope you have the results I did. No problem for over 3 years.


okay so say I do pee on my foot, toe rather, Do I wash it off or let it soak in and air dry?


go to a free clinic or a doctor who will see you on a sliding scale fee for service. If it's a true nail fungus it needs to be treated by a very very cheap anti-fungal that must be taken orally. My doctor wrote a scrip for two months...really did help. If you self diagnose you may find that you overlook something. Perhaps your urine needs testing. Just a thought. (WalMart is the cheapest for this RX).

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