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I know this will sound nuts nut it really work... urinate on your feet where the affected areas are let it soak there for a minute or two then rinse off with warm water. It does not have to be your own urine.. its easiest done in the shower or 'peeing' in a cup. You will feel results after one or twice and see results in a week or so.. the more you do it the better!

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I have had this infection for 5 years now and I am tired of it. Peeing on my feet does relive it but does not cure it. But it will relieve the itching for a day or two and then it just comes back.


From what I understand there is no actual cure for Athletes foot - only management of symptoms. I've tried OTC and home remedies, it is gross but when I get a breakout of athletes foot two soakings usually gets rid of it until the next change of season (summer = open sandals, winter = heavy socks and boots).


for some reason i have chronic athlete's foot but it only irritates me at night when i'm trying to go to sleep
i never sleep with socks on and i leave my feet out of the covers for ventilation
and i change my socks 3-4 times a day
i'm only 20 and i don't have health insurance
i don't know what the best way to go would be but i just started at whole foods
and they have a wide variety of oils and natural remedies
i'll ask and get something and let y'all know if it works


Wow the fungus spreads in more while wet so wouldnt getting the infected area dry a better idea!!!

itchy feet

My BF told me to pee on my feet as well but I was pretty sceptic so I got him to do it for me... He pretty much pee'd on only one foot which is now Fine but the other foot still has the I ended up peeing on the other one myself but it didnt work ... Maybe my pee wasnt as strong as his ... anyhow im trying the teatree now because Lamisil and Ketoderm prescriptions havent worked for me

No more itchy sore feet

Okay Im back...The Tee Tree Oil worked Wonders for me ... I washed my feet dried off the area and applied to both and my feet are completely healed (they dont even sweat anymore) I cant believe That I Have been suffering for almost one year ...try the pee if u wish or just grab a tiny bottle of tee tree because it was the best 7 dollars I've ever spent =) plus it works in less than one day... Im still going to continue for a week to make sure its all gone.......... thank you to all


thats down right nasty!!!!!!!


lmao@ 'tried it on only my left foot now its green'


Gee. I heard that a sure cure for bad breath is to put a penis in your mouth. It does not have to be your own penis. LOL


It's the acid in the urine that works. Apple cider vinegar will work just as well if not better.

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