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I know this will sound nuts nut it really work... urinate on your feet where the affected areas are let it soak there for a minute or two then rinse off with warm water. It does not have to be your own urine.. its easiest done in the shower or 'peeing' in a cup. You will feel results after one or twice and see results in a week or so.. the more you do it the better!

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Peeing on my feet in the shower completely cured my athlete's foot. I was very skeptical but figured I'd give it a try, and I was amazed. The anti-fungal cream that I had been using had to be reapplied daily, and my feet still itched if I missed using the cream that day. After putting urine on my feet twice, I've had no itching or burning (even though I've done a lot of walking in hot weather in the same shoes).


what a load of nonsense


my neighbor told me about peeing on his feet after trying every otc and prescribed remedy. It works great. Also, a bare-foot run in the ocean always works for me.


Cotton socks acutally hold moisture. Try acrylic, wool, or synthetic wool that's not so itchy.


As to whether this would work, maybe it depends on what you drink!


This very old myth has been busted by many of the best, as you can see by all of the comments sugguesting that it actually works, the myth lives on...
Old Jailhouse myths, happy peeing!!


Tried it, and it worked.


tried it on only my left foot now its green


Have used this method for years for occasional outbreaks.. Only takes one or two days. Works best in shower.. After washing your feet just step back out of water flow and soak both feet, wait a few seconds and rinse off... most times it provides direct relief...No kidding... Works Great....

Army Ranger

I would have voted a 10 if i realized there was a scale. Im in the military and get itchy toes quite often. When ever it happens i just pee on my in the shoer and its gone. Daily works best. My wife thinks its gross but it rinses right off so whats the diff.

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