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Ok I have tried almost every remedy and an over the counter gel as my ulcer was excruciatingly painful and getting in the way of doing things !!!


you need to get rid of the white film on the ulcer as that's what is stopping it to heal...

Some people say use a tooth brush to scrub it but the thought of that seemed dreadful so I just used a cotton tip and scrubbed againest it till it started to bleed.. TRUST ME it sounds so bad but it's actually more bearable than the sharp pains that occur from just having the ulcer there in the first place

Then you need to sterilise the area with salt or (baking soda is gentler) ... Either apply it directly or just as a mouth wash

Then put a soothing dressing on it such as Vaseline or coconut oil

You've now opened the wound and cleaned it and the body will start to heal the area... This is the ONLY way to actually get rid of an ulcer not just numb it or relieve the pain

Voila- you will notice it feel better straight away I promise !!!!

This worked so well I felt the need to share it so please be brave try it and feel better ! :)

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Ntombi Zondi

The cleaning and salt solution is soo plainfull. But the pain subsides in less than 5mins and next morning its almost gone. It Really WORKS. Thankyou very much. I been having these ulcers almost every month. You have helped me so much.


Just did this for a large one in the back of my mouth, it really helped and i noticed a difference almost instantly. I had been rinsing with a warm salt water solution and had yet to see any results until I removed the white film. Thanks so much for the help!


I tried this remedy on two huge ulcers last night. It did not work at all. The ulcers are worse today & I thought I would not be able to get to sleep last night with the pain of them!


I have suffered from unbearable ulcers since a very young age and after going to see a specialist a few months ago she informed m that I have major recurrent aphthous stomatis (code for a lot of big mouth ulcers) my triggers can be anything and they can cover a large area of my mouth at any time. My doctor prescribed me a brown (preventer) inhaler..the same as they use for asthma (100mg) you spray the inhaler directly onto the ulcers 3-4 times a day. It works because it is a steroid, it aids the healing process and provides relief. This is not typical use of the inhaler however many doctors are beginning to prescribe this along with other forms of steroids depending on severity and frequency. Although there is no cure for ulcers, treatment with steroids reduces the longetivity, size and pain caused by mouth ulcers...I would recommend this course if treatment to anyone who has frequent ulcers


It worked!!!!! Thanku &#55357;&#56842;&#55357;&#56842;&#55357;&#56842;


i find this a good remedy however when i use it i find it best to leave pure salt on the area in order to draw moisture (infection) from the ulcer as well as cleanse it (helps remove the pain immediately)don't rise it just leave it dissolve, the pain you previously had will be no more. there is no need to add a dressing as your mouth is the fastest place to heal on your body due to the natural bacteria.


I have had a large painful ulcer on my tongue for about three weeks, then about a week ago developed another one on the other side. Agony!!! Really fed up and miserable. I read this, vigorously rubbbed each one with a cotton bud with sea salt on. Yes it hurt and bled, but pain bearable. They felt better when film removed and have started to heal!! &#9786;


I've had a problem with mouth ulcers and cankers sores since I was a kid. I found that scrubbing off the white film with a clean cotton bud until it bleeds helps it to heal faster and with much less pain. Afterwards I just swish around with antiseptic gargle or put antiseptic/teething gel on it.

I do this before eating and before bed. Usually by morning it will be gone. But other times the film forms again, and u just continue doing it until it goes away.

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