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Ok I have tried almost every remedy and an over the counter gel as my ulcer was excruciatingly painful and getting in the way of doing things !!!


you need to get rid of the white film on the ulcer as that's what is stopping it to heal...

Some people say use a tooth brush to scrub it but the thought of that seemed dreadful so I just used a cotton tip and scrubbed againest it till it started to bleed.. TRUST ME it sounds so bad but it's actually more bearable than the sharp pains that occur from just having the ulcer there in the first place

Then you need to sterilise the area with salt or (baking soda is gentler) ... Either apply it directly or just as a mouth wash

Then put a soothing dressing on it such as Vaseline or coconut oil

You've now opened the wound and cleaned it and the body will start to heal the area... This is the ONLY way to actually get rid of an ulcer not just numb it or relieve the pain

Voila- you will notice it feel better straight away I promise !!!!

This worked so well I felt the need to share it so please be brave try it and feel better ! :)

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All you need do is put coconut oil on your ulcer from time to time thru the day and it will take the pain away and heal it naturally and cheaply. Why suffer?

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do you rinse the baking soda or keep it on there ?


I've had a big ulcer just inside my front teeth for about a week - every time I bite into something it's agony and I also have a tongue piercing that constantly digs into it. I've been using bonjela and salt rinses but nothing has helped much. Last night I found this website, scrapped off the white film, used baking soda and turmeric, and then put some coconut oil on it. Very soothing immediately and this morning it has almost completely gone! I'm not sure which thing did it, but it's amazing.


What can I use besides coconut oil ?


I had two ulcers right next to one another on my gums for over a week. It was terrible pain. I tried this and it did hurt but worked perfectly. The pain stopped after about a minute. Thanks!


This is sooooooo painful but it actually works!


I always thought I was a bit sadistic doing this exact thing. Making the ulcer bleed and then rinsing or my mouth but it always led to
a speedy recovery. Glad there is someone out there who does this too. Fyi, my ulcers are caused from a lack in Vitamin B (12) specifically.


I had 2 BIG ulcers rubbing into each other for the past 2 days, nothing seemed to help and eating anything was turning into an impossible task. I did what you said and kept scrubbing it with my toothbrush till the white layer was completely scrubbed off. Put salt on it, rinsed and put vaseline on the wound and voila it was gone the next day. Thanks a ton for sharing this tip, was extremely painful but the relief is worth every bit. :D


I just did this but instead of going through the pain I numbed it with campho phenique, then I scraped off the white with my toothbrush , no pain bc i numbed it first, and put some vitamin e oil on it .....update tomorrow


Update from yesterday, I tried this and it did not work.I've also been putting salt on it and taking lysine pills.This canker sore is so big and the worst one I've ever had.It just won't go away no matter what I try ....good luck to everyone else but I don't think this is the greatest idea .

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