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There are two really effective remedies that I have tried that both kill lice and nits and dissolve the glue that holds the nits on the hair shaft.
The first remedy is lemon juice and baking soda. The mixture foams up, but keep stirring and apply to hair. Leave on for a few hours and wash hair. This remedy also kills fleas on your pets. Nits are extremely easy to remove.

The second home remedy is mouthwash. Completely saturate the hair with mouthwash. Wrap hair in plastic wrap or use shower cap. Leave in hair for at least one hour. Wash hair. Mouthwash kills lice and nits. This is the best remedy that I have tried for nit removal. The nits fall apart when you touch them and are easily combed out with a lice comb.

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I have been dealing with this every other summer since my girls were little and the shampoo at the store is so expensive and it doesn't even work..thank u for ur advice..I have tried other things but they are all extremely stinky..I like the mouthwash idea very much..I'm gonna try it and thank u have any home remedies on the furniture and beddings


WOW!!! The listerine worked fantastic! This was not our first rodeo - think our 5th or 6th In the last couple years. I have tried everything, and the Listerine beats all. I have 2 girls with very long gorgeous hair. My hair is also very long. I bought the Walgreen's generic yellow Listerine & put it in a spray bottle. I saturated the girls' hair (& my own) with it & pinned it up, then put on shower caps for an hour. When the caps were removed, there were tons of dead lice on the surface. Disgusting, but visual victory. When I checked heads, I had found a few nits, & only 1 live louse per kid. The number of dead insects after Listerine was insane - hundreds! Yuck! Next, the combing... So much easier! I'm used to the comb getting some, but having to use my fingernails for most of the nits. Not now. The nits are sliding free & easy. Both girls had scratched themselves a few little sores, and did not complain of any burning with the Listerine. Anyway, we washed out the Listerine with regular shampoo, no conditioner, & it seems the Listerine actually conditioned their hair, too. Plus, it's not a poison, so we can repeat every few days to be absolutely sure the lice are all gone. We're going to mist with tea tree oil & water daily for a while as a prophylactic, but this is so much easier & less time consuming! Thank you to whatever person first thought to put mouthwash on your head!


My 7 year old has sores on her head from itching so hard... won't the mouthwash burn?


I use lemon juice to help lighten my hair instead of bleach there's also a hair lightening treatment called sun-in that uses lemon juice...does this treatment not mess with your hair color? My daughter has beautiful dark brown hair and does not want it lighter.


Just tried the mouthwash and my daughter cried n cried because she said it was burning...any suggestions


Thank you so much!!! Mouthwash.. Yellow listerine was the answer. Three weeks, tons of dr.s appointments. They all said she had dry scalp. The nits are the same color as her hair. I cried to my husband, five hrs a day nit-picking her long, curly ringleys. I even imagined shavinv her head. How horrible. This is the best solution. After this I conditioned her hair with coconut conditioner and rinsed. I oalso mixed aloe w alittle olive oil and massaged her scalp.. Of course after nit Her scalp seems to be healing nicely. No itching.. Yayee I also find that purchasing a comb that is similar to nit comb works great after washing hair in the bathtub. I comb her hair for 10 minutes after every wash w this comb.. Just as a precaution. It is possible to miss nits. Good luck to all. Thank you so much for sharing.


I'm trying the mouthwash now. But I'm going to let it sit for 2 hours instead of one. My son and I have both had these dang things for 2 weeks now!!! Thank goodness my husband and little boy who is 2 has not got them---yet---and hopefully wont!

kelly Smith

How much lemon juice and baking soda do you mix?
My 5 yr old daughter has had them for over 3 weeks, done her hair 5 times with nit shampoo from pharmacy( not working) getting a little mad. Would love to know what mix is or if anyone has any other suggestions.

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