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There are two really effective remedies that I have tried that both kill lice and nits and dissolve the glue that holds the nits on the hair shaft.
The first remedy is lemon juice and baking soda. The mixture foams up, but keep stirring and apply to hair. Leave on for a few hours and wash hair. This remedy also kills fleas on your pets. Nits are extremely easy to remove.

The second home remedy is mouthwash. Completely saturate the hair with mouthwash. Wrap hair in plastic wrap or use shower cap. Leave in hair for at least one hour. Wash hair. Mouthwash kills lice and nits. This is the best remedy that I have tried for nit removal. The nits fall apart when you touch them and are easily combed out with a lice comb.

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Ok I am willing to try the lemon juice and baking soda idea but how much lemon juice to how much baking soda.


The reason the mouthwash works is beacause they usually contain isopropyl mysterate which disolves their exoskeletons, you can find it in a product called 'rescue oil' as its a thinner used for better quality oils,
There is a lice treatment called 'full marks' which is very expensive, and works very well, but only contains isopropyl mysterate and cyclomethicone, both of which are just thinning/carrier oils!! so mouthwash soak, and rescue oil conditioner/combing would be sooo much cheaper!!

need a mircle ~

I hate this soooo much! I've tried olive oil its just messy & yeah, you might find some dead, but not all. I'm going to try the mouthwash & pray, pray & keep on praying bc I'm so depressed over this crap but, I'm not giving up! Lord be with me..


I am so depressed too. This is the fourth time in two years that we dealing with these vermin. Am fed up.


Just tried the mouth wash! Very impressed hopefully we will get rid of this once and for all!!!


my daughter is just two years old:( got these from a frnds daughter. i tried oil , lice shampoo but it keep coming back , poor baby is scratching head all the time , i just tried mouth wash while she is sleeping , hoping for the best:)


To keep them at bay as well - try spraying your kids and your hair with a mix of tea tree oil and water each day before school.


My daughter brought lice home 3 weeks ago we thought we were home free until last night. now both my daughters and i have it. we shaved their heads cause they are young and chose to shave it then sit and get picked through for hours. i have LONG THING hair, my husband is going to cut my hair tonight and then we are going to try the mouthwash. i hope it works!!!



About the lemon juice n baking soda how much do u mix?

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