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Bob R

I have had genital warts for five years. I thought they would never go away. I used wart remover several time to get rid of the biggest part of the warts. The kept coming back. Now I take a prescription medicine called Acyclovir (400mg) daily one tablet and I have no more symptoms. It keeps them under control and there are no visible signs. The have disapeared completely. You never get rid of the virus so one pill a day does the trick.

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Where did you get this pill from?

Shwan Martin

Aciclovir is an anti-viral drug. It give you relief from pain but on a temporary basis. It does not address the root cause of the condition. Allopathic system believes that genital herpes is incurable. It has been discovered that natural remedies help to prevent recurrent outbreaks by boosting immune system. Herbs such as Hypericum Mysorense, is traditionally believed to have antiviral properties which may help to bring back complete balance in your body and give you lasting relief.

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