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Ok so, I've read everyones ways of getting rid of a yeast infection. I tried the garlic cloves..well about 10 mins ago...and my vag feels like its on fire!
Earlier in the day I took a shower and sat down and soaked a rag with vinegar and garlic powder... Man did that also burn but after I was feeling a little better.. I'm still still sitting here on fire. If my boyfriend hadn't JUST broke the shower if be in there! Anyone know any better less burning methods??

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Get yourself some plain yogurt and put it inside and outside of the vagina. It will sooth the itch and burning.. and it will also aid in getting rid of the yeast. I also take a Woman's Probiotic from Natural Factors.. it has Cranberry in it. Take 4 caps, 3 times a day for 3 days. Then cut it down to 2 caps, 3 times a day till the yeast is gone. This works.


Garlic is very dangerous to use be careful, I do not recommend, because could open your skin.
For bad breath visit your doctor sooner then latter colon problems.


Tee tree oil WORKS GREAT, NOT ONLY for EI but for many skin irritations. Google it for more info.

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