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I have had anal warts for the past 8 years and I have not had an outbreak until recently after reading a lot of these Post I have tried the apple cider vinegar. I soak a tissue and put it back there for at least 15minutes. It burns like hell but after 3 days. The warts seem to be shrinking. Now I think the trick to it is you have to keep the warts as dry as possible. When I was diagnosed my Dr told me the warts like damp places to grow. If you bleed after a bile movement I would do a sitz bath (salt and water in the tub). Then immediately after a shower I always take a hair dryer back there to make sure it is completely dry. Also I keep a tissue back there just to make sure. Hope this helps.

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hey can u give me your email? i have few questions for you.. please please thank you


I do not feel comfortable posting my email, however if you would like to post yours then I will reply

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