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Hi Gals,
I have been suffering from BV over two years now. From the research I have done, it is all about your intestinal flora balance and your vaginal pH levels.
Your intestinal flora has both several good and bad bacteria, this must be balanced. If you have taken a dose of antibiotics or have a bad diet your natural flora becomes disrupted and can be a root of infections, for example thrush, BV, vaginitis, low immune system, acne, skin conditions…the list goes on.
The vaginal pH fluctuates between 3.8 to 4.5 levels, slightly acidic. When a healthy pH level is maintained it produces the growth of your own lactobacilli, promoting a health flora. On the other when your normal flora becomes unsettled and your vaginal pH level goes up it stops producing lactobacilli, this disruption results in BV or Vaginitis…See the connection?
It is not just about finding a treatment, it is about understanding why the recurrence. If you do not get to the core of the problem, you will never be cured. For me, I am a very active young lady, weighing in at 60kgs. In general I eat/drink healthy apart from my weaknesses, which are chips and dips, alcohol, and cigarettes. I have abused these for years and years, not realising how it has affected my system – especially my intestinal flora balance. Result – you got it…I have been living with an unbalanced intestinal flora since my fetishes started, my immune system has weakened and from this I have developed BV.
Unfortunately, this BV or Vaginitis won’t go away from a 7 day treatment or stupid antibiotics (totally against taking antibiotic for any bacterial infection unless its life threatening), it is an on-going healing process. I am currently taking the following –
• Vitamin C 2000mg daily – forever, I may reduce to 1000mg after 3 months
• Folic Acid 1mg daily – forever
• Golden Seal 2000mg daily – for 2 months
• Flora vaginal support probiotic 1 twice daily – for 3-6months
• Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 250 mg Vaginal Tablets daily @ night – for one month.
I have been taking the above for one month now and my BV symptoms have cleared up, the reason why I am still treating myself is because I want to be sure my natural intestinal and vaginal flora are balanced and stay that way!!!!
I am not a doctor and I am sure there is SOOOO much more research we/I can do. Try to educate yourself constantly and understand your body, you won’t regret it.
An on-going healthy gut and a happy levelled pH down below = happy us.

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Hi everyone. I'm a 40 year old female. Started having BV once my boyfriend and I started having sex. I've never experienced BV before. Went to Gyno and they prescribed Metrodonizole. It cleared up but of course, it returned about a month and half later. Took Metrodonizole again. It cleared up. But again it came back two months later. ( it seems to show up if we have intercourse two or more times a day. Not sure ifbtheresva connection here or not.). Gyno stated that its the men's semen and our vaginal pH difference that can possibly cause it.
Anyhow, since reading these blogs I've recently tried inserting 'nature's bounty' chewable probiotic Acidophilus (1/2 chewable wafer) once in morning and half at night. Then I have been taking a tampon and dipping it into some of 'Okios' plain yogurt and inserting it before bedtime or use something to help inject into vagina prior to bed. I've done this the last two days and so far the symptoms are disappearing. I'm going to continue with this for at least a week. I hope this helps!!!

Btw- I started noticing the familiar smell 3 days ago and started this the following day!! Maybe the key is to do a monthly maintenance of a day or two of this to keep bacteria in check!?!?

Also, if its true about diet... I've been eating a lot of candy and junk food lately. :-(
I wonder if that's why this happened...

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