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Really works! It soothes it and relives the pain.. Coconut oil is naturally anti bacterial and moisturising
Just dab a generous amount on it and it will feel better right away...

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40 yrs of suffering till I found coconut oil. Cheap, painless, natural and it works. No stinging, just solid relief!


OMGGGG THANK YOU! I thought the only option was salt water and I am very reluctant after last time I tried that. The taste was the worst thing ever. Then I saw this and thought, this seems like it's worth a try and can't be too bad. Gave it a go and the pain went straight away. I will sure use this in future.


I have been using coconut oil on mine for two days and have found hardly any relief. I keep it in my mouth for ten minutes twice a day...and the pain is only gone for a minute and back just as bad as before.


Works a treat thanks a lot

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